The excellent Truckers Delight from Mobigame is free to download for your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad/iWotsit from now until Sunday evening. The game is based on a music video that you can find embedded just below the cut (note: It's rather NSFW, as is the game!).

It's a delightful and sometimes grotesque arcade racer in which you play a trucker who is chasing a desireable lady in a flashy sports car. You never actually catch up with her, but the idea is to keep driving and passing checkpoints until you eventually run out of time. Big points are earned by smashing into her car, and collecting powerups that allow you to tear through cars on the road and grow a long tongue, perfect for... tasty side-missions.

Definitely worth grabbing if you've got the right equipment, if you know what I mean. Download from the App Store while you can.