When I first watch the trailer for Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes, my initial thought was 'oh jeez, that game is going to destroy me'. Aban Hawkins is on a mission to dodge the traps and find the priceless idols - which is far more difficult than it sounds, as traps will pop out of the ground without warning and kill you in an instant.

And yet, now that I've actually played the game, it actually isn't too frustrating after all. Sure, you'll die a stupid number of times - you have 1000 lives to begin with - but levels aren't too lengthy, so even when you're sent back to the start, you know you'll be able to get back to that section of the level within a good 30 seconds.

I love the retro visual style too, providing enough charm that when I get killed by yet another bastarding set of spikes popping out of the ground unexpectedly, I pull my angry face for a moment before giving the game a little wink and saying 'I can't stay mad at you, baby'. Or something like that.

For 80 MS Points ($1) and a huge number of levels to play through, me thinks this is a bargain you should grab. Make sure to at least pick up the demo on your ol' Xbox Three Sixty.