American Dream is a stock trading simulator game made by Stephen Lavelle, Terry Cavanagh, Tom Morgan-Jones and Jasper Byrne during a three-day game development jam meet in Cambridge, UK. You play as an up-and-coming stock trader who deals with share commodities named after celebrities, trying to make his first million and keeping a good company of friends along the way.

Your weekly routine is divided into two parts. Players are given the chance to purchase new furnitures for their home during the first segment of any given week, and then it's off to the stock market to begin your trade and make a profit by buying low and selling high. Once you've acquired the entire seasonal catalogue of fixtures and fittings, you'll automatically move up the social ladder and will gain new acquaintances with insider tips to share with their fellow colleague.

Thanks to its simplicity, American Dream is a pretty accessible game which takes little effort to learn and play, although it could have done without the tasteless and rather inappropriate pictures that were slipped in to drive home the point during cutscene sequences.

Live the American Dream at increpare's site.