When Jonatan told us about Hot Throttle in an IndieGames podcast (it was called Burning Enthusiasm at that point), neither myself or Tim could talk for a few mins from laughing. Now that the game has been released, it's just as messed up as we had hoped.

In Hot Throttle, you play as a semi-naked guy who thinks he is a car, and you race other guys around the city. A warning in advance: It's a little NSFW, as it features comical yet creepy scenes, such as your character offering another man 'a ride in my taxi', and another of him giving 'CPR'.

The game itself is a little awkward to begin with, as it doesn't really explain what the controls are or what you're meant to be doing, and once you do realise what your job is, the other racers are miles ahead. Still, from the second race onwards, it's pretty enjoyable, although those cutscenes remain creepy as hell.

Race over to AdultSwim to play, but preferably with clothes on, please.