Engineered by self-proclaimed 'lonely developer' styxtwo, Island Survival is rather formidable proof that the simplest concepts are often the most viable ones. Trapped upon a series of rapidly disintegrating islands, the objective in the game is a rather simple one: survive. As the protoganist, a blocky-looking character who looks rather like a shipwrecked businessman, you have very little at your disposal outside of your dexterity and the snowflakes drifting down from the skies.

The snowflakes are integral to your survival as they add an extra layer to your island each time you catch one. Of course, if you have issues traversing treacherous terrain and have issues surviving platformers, you'll definitely have different problems to worry about first. Minimalistic in nature, Island Survival is a strangely addictive Flash title that might absorb more of your time than you initially expected.

Go give it a play at Armor Games.