Second Person Shooter Zato (SPSZ) is a 3D arcade shooter that presents a clever gimmick - you can only look at your surroundings from an enemy's point of view. The screen splits accordingly when there are two or more enemies in the arena, and a window will disappear automatically whenever an adversary is shot down by your laser beam or missile. Ammunition replenishes over time, but that doesn't mean you can be trigger happy about it and still expect to survive some of the harder waves and difficult boss fights.

There's an amazing diversity of enemy types to fight as well. Your basic opponents can either be slow, quick, strong or large in size, and they might even attack you from all sorts of heights and range. Zato can only shoot forward, and he has only three lives to defeat all enemies in a single wave. By the second level you should be able to walk around freely, and with a bit of practice players can even attempt to circle strafe some of the slower blocks that try to run into them.

SPSZ is available to play over at Kongregate. (source: raitendo)