Two of Mark Essen's pre-Nidhogg releases, Flywrench and You Found the Grappling Hook, are now available to download for the Mac. In Flywrench players have to navigate their ship through a series of increasingly difficult obstacle courses, flapping and rolling through coloured lines in an attempt to reach the finish line with as little frustration as possible.

You Found the Grappling Hook is about a treasure hunter who is seeking for gold in an underground cavern, armed with a pick and a grappling hook that can be used to traverse across gaping chasms or scale precipitous walls. Both Mac conversions were done by Leon Arnett, who you may remember as the person responsible for the recent Mac ports of cactus' earlier works.

The download links for Mac versions of Flywrench and You Found the Grappling Hook can be found at messhof's site.