Tim mentioned Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles briefly in his indie links roundup yesterday, but I wanted to make a full post as you really shouldn't miss out on it. Previously a GP2X and Dreamcast release, the tile-matching game is now free to download for PC.

The gameplay mechanic isn't all that original, but the sheer level of creativity and polish make this a must-play. The idea is to rotate tiles so that four of the same colour are in a diamond formation, then any other blocks of the same colour around them will also explode. There's plenty of depth involved, from altering the fall time of the blocks above to creating long chains and combos, plus a huge overworld to explore and cute dialogue throughout.

Then you've got a Puzzle mode, competitive modes, unlockables, secrets to discover, the works. But here's the best bit - pay $10 for the game, and the developers will draw your own avatar for use in the game. Pay $15 and they'll even animate it! Make sure you check this one out.