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Archive For February, 2011

Indie Game Links: IF and ASCII

February 2, 2011 2:00 AM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Emily Short: IF Demo Fair Announcement
"The IF Demo Fair will be running during PAX East (Boston, March 11-13), showcasing new and interesting demonstrations in the IF world. We welcome any demonstration that can reasonably be construed as relating to interactive fiction and storytelling."

Experimental Gameplay Project: ASCII in February
"In celebration of February being a cold and lonely month, your goal is to make a game around the theme: ASCII. No graphics allowed, other than the text you find in the ASCII Table. Any font is allowed."

GameSetWatch: Mount & Blade - With Fire & Sword Coming This Spring
"The newest release from TaleWorlds' engrossing medieval and open-world action RPG PC series Mount & Blade, is releasing with an English edition this Spring. The new game features fully customizable troops, siege options, a multiplayer Captain Mode, and an enhanced combat system that introduces firearms and explosives."

GameSetWatch: New Tumblr For Game Design Sketches
"Chevy Ray Johnston (Return of the Quack, Skullpogo) has started a neat new Tumblr blog collecting doodles, sketches, and scrap-paper designs by game developers around the world. Titled GameStorm, the blog has entries from indie designers like Jarrad 'Farbs' Woods (Captain Forever) and sketches from Vancouver's Global Game Jam event last weekend."

PlayStation LifeStyle: Journey Interview
"Journey promises to be unique from everything else thatgamecompany has created, which is quite the feat when every one of their titles have been unlike any other game created. To find out more about Journey, we spoke with Kellee Santiago, President and Co-Founder of thatgamecompany, as part of our PSN 2011 Preview Week coverage."

Uncommon Assembly: The Influence of Memory
"Feign, a Flash game developed by Ian Snyder, sends the player on a first-person journey through a 3D maze where positive and negative space are reduced to stark, solid shapes. Snyder spoke with us recently about creating the game's unique environment."

Examiner.com: Interview With Crayon Physics Creator Petri Purho
"Petri Purho, creator of the smash indie game hit, Crayon Physics, has kindly granted us an e-mail interview disucssing the development of Crayon Physics. Petri also talks about piracy, DRM, life as an indie dev and much more."

Indie Games Searchlight: Indie Game The Movie Interview (video)
"The Indie Games Searchlight sits down with the filmmakers behind the upcoming film Indie Game: the Movie. We discuss the story behind the project, interesting stories of production, the ideas behind making the film, and a few game designers we can see in the film."

Browser Game Pick: Conway's Inferno (Feras Iskanderani, Alec Thomson and Arshan Gailus)

February 1, 2011 6:42 PM | Michael Rose

Imagine Conway's Game of Life, but replace the evolution with fire, zombies and UFOs. Congratulations, you've got Conway's Inferno - a puzzling take on the old zero-player game created at GAMBIT-MIT for the Global Game Jam.

On each level, there are people represented by yellow faces. You need to kill every single one using only a limited number of fires, zombies and UFOs - the fires will spread through people and trees, zombies will spread through the rivers and infect anyone nearby, and UFOs will drag people up the screen.

It's pretty clever stuff and a nice take on the Game of Life. Give it a play at Newgrounds.

Browser Game Pick: Black Market (Big Block Games)

February 1, 2011 5:51 PM | Michael Rose


You may have already given the alpha build of Black Market a play back when it was called Voyager. Since then, a hefty amount of content has been added to the game, so it's definitely worth checking out again.

Black Market is a space-based strategy game bursting with missions to undertake, enemies to blast and upgrades to buy. You play a bald guy with an eyepatch that talks to him - yeah, the story is a little silly, but the gameplay is enjoyable enough, and great for killing a couple of hours.

One for the strategists and explorers - there's even a hint of Weird Worlds in there. Go give it a play on the Big Block Games site.

Browser Game Pick: A Mother in Festerwood (Austin Breed)

February 1, 2011 2:00 PM | Michael Rose

From the mind that brought us Covetous comes A Mother in Festerwood, an interesting take on a mother's job of keeping her child safe. The outside world is a dangerous place, but at some point that child needs to learn to fend for itself.

The scene is a single house in the middle of a dark and dangerous forest. You move the mother around via your mouse, and must stop your baby from crawling out of the central safe zone and into the woods. However, as he begins to grow, you may decide to let him out a couple of times to fight nasty creatures and gain experience. He'll still grow if kept in the central confines, but not as fast.

Eventually, he'll grow so nimble that you'll have a hard time keeping him in, and this is why perhaps letting him out a little early on is a good idea - to build up his stamina for the later years. Unfortunately, he has the tendency to rush past the easier enemies and take on the huge bears and monsters straight away.

Keeping that balance between experience and safety can prove pretty difficult, especially with the random elements involved. Go give it a play at Newgrounds.

Browser Game Pick: Grow Cannon (Eyezmaze)

February 1, 2011 12:25 PM | Michael Rose

The latest game in the popular Grow series, Grow Cannon is a little different to the norm. Rather than choosing from a set of items to utilize, you're tasked with firing a cannon at different powers to wake a sleeping man up.

Each power can be chosen via a bar at the bottom, and will cause a cannon ball to land in the selected area. Each position will be affected in different ways by the cannon balls, and if you manage to fire them off in the correct order, interactions will occur and animations will play out as per usual. Eventually, once you've fired off all ten balls, the sleeping guy's power will be drained depending on how well you did.

I found the scrolling scene to be a little distracting and didn't really enjoy this one as much as past Grows, but it's still worth checking out. Play over on the Eyezmaze site.

Road To The IGF: Loop Raccord's Nicolai Troshinsky

February 1, 2011 12:00 PM | Tim W.

[In this latest Road to the IGF interview with 2011 IGF finalists, Mike Rose speaks with Nicolai Troshinsky about Nuovo-nominated experimental visual/audio mash-up Loop Raccord.]

A finalist in this year's Nuovo Award category, Nicolai Troshinsky's Loop Raccord sees the player manipulating a series of video clips in order to create a continuous movement -- as if each clip is passing an invisible ball around the screen.

Troshinsky has also recently made unconventional titles including innovative iOS title UFO On Tape and the even more bizarre Raccord Sniper, which involves shooting mysteriously cloaked household objects.

Talking to us, he describes his background in illustration, his concept inspirations and his issues with finding the perfect clips to use in Loop Raccord, which is free to download for Windows.

What is your background in making games?

I studied illustration and animation filmmaking. I've been working as a children's book illustrator for five years and I've been teaching storytelling in an animation school since 2009.

I have never learned programming and I have no specific game-making training at all... and I don't want to.

For me, making games, movies, comics or illustrated books is all the same thing. You want to create an experience for somebody to communicate an idea and you have a set of tools to achieve that. Each of those mediums offer a different set of tools with their own particular advantages and disadvantages.

Indie Game Links: Room for Reflection

February 1, 2011 7:00 AM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Experimental Gameplay: Inanimate Roundup
"Common threads this month were games involving space invaders, indirectly controlling a group of characters, and dolls. Some eschewed art altogether, opting for total blackness or the comforts of words when constructing their games, while others had a completely different perspective. All and all there were 16 games this month."

PC Gamer: January's best free PC games
"January is usually a slow month for the games industry. Fortunately, those making games for no financial reimbursement don't have this to worry about. Maybe that's why January has seen some of the best free games to grace the PC in ages. Read on for our picks."

Gamasutra: Global Game Jam Sees Biggest Year Yet With 6,500 Participants
"The Global Game Jam's just-concluded third year was its biggest yet, organizers have announced, revealing that some 6,500 people participated. Developers around the world put heads together for the 48-hour challenge, and together created almost 1,500 games."

Yuan Works: Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles free for PC, Wiz and GP2X
"We'd like to announce that Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is now free and available for the PC. Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is an arcade-action puzzle game initially released for the Korean handheld GP2X and Wiz, followed by an international release on Dreamcast in America, Europe, and Japan."

GameSetWatch: Radiangames Steps Away From XBLIG Development
"With Ballistic's release and difficulties staying afloat on the XBLIG platform, Radiangames will be shifting away from XNA and XBLIG development for his next project, Super Crossfire, working with the Unity platform for future games instead."

Noumenon Games: The development of Nimbus
"The very first prototype of Nimbus was made back in 2004 or 2005 in Game Maker by accident. We tried to copy the basics of a Net Yaroze game called Gravitation, a 2D Thrust/Lunar Lander game with weapons and dogfighting."

Big Download: IGF 2011 Finalists - Grand Prize
"The games which end up in the Seamus McNally finalists are a hodgepodge of fantastic games, each of which is great in its own way. Where one person sees a cluster of retro-influenced pixels, another person sees deliberate designed minimalism to focus the game's intent. In other words, the grand prize is intended for games which can't really fit in only one or two categories category."

The Room Jam: So Many Rooms
"A bunch of independent game developers got together to make individual rooms for a game in 48 hours (January 29th to 30th). At the end of the 48 hours, the rooms are compiled into a single game, creating the game SoManyRooms. Check out the sweet result here."

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