With each month that goes by, the Xbox Live Indie Games selection gets better and better. I find myself even recommending friends to check out the games on there! Good times indeed, and January wasn't any different. Here are all the games you should check out with your Microsoft Points.

Radiangames Ballistic

Luke Schneider, the god of XBLIG dual-stick shooters, has come full circle with his seventh and final release on the service. After Ballistic (trailer above), he'll be switching over to PC releases due to the poor sales figures, but that doesn't mean he's going out without a bang. Ballistic returns back to the simple yet deep blasting action that JoyJoy provided, and it is more polished than your dad's bald head. Than your granny's bedroom dresser. Than a polishing factory. Lovely - go buy for a single dollar.

Space Racer

One or two player racing action featuring speed, bombs, boosts and lasers. Space Racer is great fun if you have someone else to play with, with players bouncing around and boinging from walls. Each player has their own line of points to collect that will supply a speed boost, but it's far more fun to zip across to the other person's side and cause a bit of mayhem. Again, only 80 MS Points ($1), so give this one a spin.

Alpha Squad

Aside from the ridiculous number of women with boobs popping out for no reason and very silly dialogue, Alpha Squad has plenty going for it. Up to four player blasting either locally or online, with tons of levels and a serious amount of fire-power. If you can get properly into the game with a group of friends, you'll have oodles of fun completing every level and grabbing all the medals. 240 MS Points ($3) from the Xbox Live Marketplace - make sure you at least check out the demo.

Blocks: The Devilish Delivery Game

You're probably going to skip over this game because it's called 'Blocks'. I know, it's a terrible name, but stick around for a while - it's fun! You control a floating platform that carries blocks around a series of short mazes. The only problem is that you can only control the boosters one at a time, so it's a case of tapping between them to keep the damn thing level. Plenty of levels abound and ranks to achieve make this a great deal of fun. Check that demo out then consider a purchase for 240 MS Points.


Corruption is not a looker - this we can plainly see from the trailer. Give it a go, however, and you'll find some lovely all-out hack and slash action with tactical blocking and special abilities for up to four players. It's the kind of game that is difficult to get excited about until you actually give it a play, especially since it looks a lot like plenty of other top-down slashers you've probably already played. Give the demo a download before you decide to forget about it, as it really is great for a laugh with friends. Going for 240 MS Points to you, my friends!