Imagine if all those other wandering characters in your favourite NES-era RPG were actual players, and you could roam about together completing quests and kicking dragon tail? Daydream no longer, my friends - NEStalgia has launched.

After a length beta period, the game is now available to download for free. Players can join the game, create a hero, and party up with friends and strangers alike. Battling is turn-based, and every area found on your voyage, from the small towns to the dark caves, is extremely reminiscent of old school 8-bit RPGs.

You can join up with other people any time you want, or go it alone. Customization is a huge part of the whole affair too, as players can dress their characters up in whatever clothing and armour they choose, and opt for whichever character class suits their playing style. You can even create your own guild, complete with your own customizable guild cape.

Very awesome indeed. To play, you'll need to download and register with the BYOND game system, enabling you to save your game and stats. Definitely worth checking this one out - head over to the NEStalgia site now.