Toward the end of January we heard from METEOR owner Satoshi Sakagami on the making of his annual Fami-Mode NES festival, taking place in Kichijouji, Tokyo.

Music performers for the all-night 8bit-themed parties have included 6955, whose game Dyad was an entry in this year's Independent Games Festival. Omodaka has joined more recently, combining chiptunes with ceremonial Japanese visual elements. Over the next three days we'll be hearing from other participants of the gaming culture event.

Kuske of Kplecraft has been making chiptune hybrid music with percussionist Eddie since their album Hamlin debuted in 2006. Kplecraft tracks have appeared on the Kuon Records, Monotonik and 8bitpeoples labels, and can be heard on the album Chiptuned Rockman, as well as in the Xbox 360 shooter Otomedius Gorgeous.

The perspectives of the organizers of a long-running Famicom event series might interest indie developers intent on throwing their own parties celebrating the culture of the independent gaming scene.