Improviso is a two-player acting simulation, where two people act out a story online. Developed by a team at GAMBIT, it plays out a little like a 3D real-time version of Jason Rohrer's Sleep is Death.

The idea is that one person is the Actor, and takes control of the main protagonist. They can walk around, complete the 'objectives' of the current scene, and type sentences to create dialogue. The other player is the Director, and controls all the other characters, as well as sound and visual effects. Together, the two can create short stories all revolving around an alien abduction.

What's really interesting is that GAMBIT are collecting data about how you play to teach AI characters to then eventually be able to act out the scenes on their own. Unfortunately, there aren't many people playing right now, so I wasn't able to get a game going - however, the tutorial alone made this worth talking about (although I wish they'd change the controls to more standard FPS!)

Download Improviso and let's get acting.