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About The IGF is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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Archive For March, 2011

Helsing's Fire Updated with New Campaign, 'Frozen North'

March 9, 2011 12:00 PM | Tim W.

IGF 2011 Best Mobile Game award winner Helsing's Fire received a huge update yesterday, featuring a new campaign that's free to download for anyone who had purchased the game previously. Called 'Frozen North', this campaign contains sixty levels to play through, new elements like coloured crystals and mirrors which will alter the colour of your tonic (used to defeat monsters), and the usual boss fights that await our returning heroes Professor Helsing and his assistant Raffton. The bad news though is that Raffton has a cold and couldn't join the professor on this adventure, so a new partner has been drafted in to help him figure out why London has been struck by a sudden freezing change in the weather.

'Frozen North' takes about an hour to complete, and if you've beaten all three included campaigns (The Shadow Blight and The Shocking Mire are from previous updates) there's still the randomly-generated endless survival mode and an online bounty mode to attempt before you run out of content to play. Helsing's Fire is available from the App Store for only $0.99, and a lite version with twenty levels to try out on your iOS device can be obtained from here.

Guess the Moo, Win Cow Trouble for iPhone

March 9, 2011 11:30 AM | Michael Rose

[Update: Wow, you guys like mooing huh? The winning moo was in fact 'moooooo' with 6 'o's, and the winners are Bitterkoekj, Aaron and Xawix! Cheers for playing people.]

I've been playing a little too much Cow Trouble the last few days, and having plenty of fun with it. Who would have guessed that knocking cows out of the clouds with bowling balls would be so entertaining?

Developer Justin Leingang has kindly thrown three promo codes for the game our way, hence we're going to dish them out to you guys. If you'd like to win a free copy of the game, all you have to do is guess how long my cow's moo is. Does he go mooo, or does he let out a slightly longer mooooo? The number of 'o's is somewhere between two (moo) and six (moooooo), so give me a moo in the comments below, and the first three people to guess right will grab the free codes!

Before you enter, please note: You need to supply your email address for us to send the code to - don't worry, your email won't be displayed publicly. Also, only one entry per person please - anyone guessing multiple times will be disqualified! The competition will run until all three codes have been won. Podcast #17: Zach Barth on SpaceChem and Infiniminer

March 8, 2011 9:13 PM | Michael Rose

indiegames.PNGWe talked to SpaceChem developer Zach Barth this week on the IndieGames podcast. Have you tried SpaceChem yet? You really should - it's even available on Steam now, don't you know. Here's my review too! Zach discussed extra content coming soon to the game, and talked about whether any of it actually makes any sense.

We also mentioned Infiniminer, or 'Minecraft's inspiration' to many. Why did he stop working on it? Does he regret it? Answers are just a click away! There's also plenty of silliness as per usual, and Zack agrees to give away a few copies of SpaceChem to some lucky IndieGames readers. More on that later in the week!

You know the drill by now - jump below the cut to listen to the podcast, or you can jump over here and listen instead. You like iTunes? Of course you don't, but it's available on there too (you know, in case you're mental). And finally, there is an RSS feed you can subscribe to, if you like being fed. Go listen!

Trailer: Skulls of the Shogun (Haunted Temple Studios)

March 8, 2011 12:26 PM | Michael Rose

I think I'm looking forward to Skulls of the Shogun's multi-player the most - four player Advance Wars is a definite yes please from me. This latest trailer shows off a bit more of the game, including some story elements that we hadn't yet seen.

I'll be having a more in-depth look at the game in the coming weeks, so expect many more details soon. For now, you can read my preview from the Eurogamer Expo, and visit the SOTS site for more details.

iPhone Game Pick: Cow Trouble (CosMind and Blue)

March 8, 2011 11:47 AM | Michael Rose

I'm calling this one early - Cow Trouble shall be the next Angry Birds. From CosMind and Blue - Cosmind being the gentleman behind Glum Buster - you are tasked with knocking cows out of the clouds. They all tried to jump over the moon, you see.

Unlike Angry Birds, you're dropping balls from above rather than flinging them from the side. Once a ball is dropped, you can then swipe the touch-screen to perform a number of different powers. The idea is to set off chain reactions, knocking cows, people and objects all over the screen in an attempt to wipe them all out with as few moves as possible.

Finishing some of the later levels is difficult enough, but getting the gold medals is near impossible, as you need to 'perfect' each level by knocking every single thing over in one move. It's really great fun, and incredibly charming too, with a silly storyline and hilarious sound effects.

Definitely worth grabbing, especially so you can say in later months "I played Cow Trouble when it had only just been released". Because we all want to be cool like that, right? Download Cow Trouble for $1.99 from the App Store.

GDC 2011: Hands-On Impressions of Nidhogg

March 8, 2011 1:51 AM | Cassandra Khaw


"So, you're dead either way." My housemate observed rather dryly as we watched the victor in a round of Nidhogg get unceremoniously devoured by a gigantic, flesh-colored serpent. Numbered against formidable competitors like The Cat and the Coup and Bohm, I was actually fairly shocked when Messhof's Nidhogg was announced as the winner of the Independent Games Festival's Nuovo Award, a trophy traditionally assigned to the most bohemian of games.

In a nutshell, Nidhogg is a game about fencing, pixelated blood, rampant combat and constant death. It is a multiplayer game that demands players work their way to the other side of the map where an an adoring, faceless crowd will watch as the winner is gobbled up whole. In order to accomplish this, you will have to run towards the opposite side of the level in a direction dictated by the location you spawn in. of course, this is easier said than done as your opponent will most likely be trying to continuously to turn you into an 8-bit kebab. The only way you will be able to stop him from doing so, outside of evasion skills worthy of ninjas, is to kill him first and win a few precious seconds for yourself before he respawns.

Trailer: Fallen Frontier (Moonshot Games)

March 7, 2011 10:48 PM | Cassandra Khaw

With a production crew that consists of ex-Bungie Studios employees, I would have thought that Fallen Frontier would features an interface akin to those in your standard first-person shooters. Interestingly enough, it doesn't. Moonshot Games' upcoming title is a 2D sidescrolling shooter that will feature both single player and co-operative play, something that seems almost mandatory in the genre.

According to what has been revealed so far, the game revolves around your stereotypical jaded lawman and his misadventures in the frontier worlds of Alpha Centauri. Presentation-wise, I can't help but draw comparisons between Fallen Frontier and the recently released Gemini Rue. However, where the latter is an adventure game, this looks like it will be a far more visceral experience.

While I'm going to withhold judgement till I have had the opportunity to try out the game at PAX East, I'm going to have to admit that Fallen Frontier looks rather lovely in a grim, dystopian sort of way.

You can investigate Moonshot Games' official website here.

Trailer: Viriax (locomalito)

March 7, 2011 9:00 PM | Tim W.

locomalito describes Viriax as a small game that we shouldn't have too high of an expectation for, but considering that L'Abbaye des Morts was also one of his little games, one can't help but be excited about his new upcoming release. The talented Gryzor87 (Hydorah) is contributing the music for this procedurally-generated arcade game, where you play as a virus that is trying to destroy a microchip embedded inside a human's brain. Viriax features six levels to play through, a slew of unlockables to find, and a simple control scheme with just the cursor keys for movement.

He hasn't set a release date yet, but we're willing to bet that it'll be out pretty soon. Maybe pestering him about it might work...

Interviews: IGF 2011 Winners

March 7, 2011 8:00 PM | Tim W.

Here's a set of interviews featuring the 13th Annual Independent Games Festival award winners, conducted by GameZombie TV just right after they've picked up their individual prizes. In the video featured above, David Klein of GameZombie speaks to Markus Notch about his hit sandbox game Minecraft, Mojang's upcoming project Scrolls, and a new name for the scary Creeper monsters.

In the extended you'll find video interviews with the developers of BIT.TRIP Runner (Excellence in Visual Art), Nidhogg (Nuovo Award), Helsing's Fire (Best Mobile Game), and FRACT (Best Student Game).

Indie Game Links: GDC Hangover

March 7, 2011 7:00 PM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Joystiq: Cave Story before it was Cave Story
"During his GDC talk 'The Story of Cave Story,' developer Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya revealed that two years into the development of his 2004 indie hit, he scrapped his game design and started completely over. He then proceeded to show a video of this beta."

DIYgamer: Interview with Andy Moore
"Andy Moore is currently developing a multiplayer SteamBirds (with pilots) and is about to roll out dedicated forums for the SteamBirds community. Gamers should also keep their eyes peeled for his upcoming potato game."

Quote Unquote: Tuukka Virtanen
"Tuukka Virtanen is one of a pair of twins (alongside his brother, Erkka, whom also develops games), who has garnered a solid following in the Game Maker community. His releases range from the Seiklus-influenced Painajainen to the offbeat puzzlers Virtual Silence and The Manipulator."

Amanita Design Blog: Kooky, the Book
"The English PDF version of the book Kooky is available in our web store. This book includes 150 pages, 15 full-page colour illustrations and 83 pen-and-ink drawings, and is available for both Kindle and iOS devices."

Indie Games Channel: Super Crate Box by Vlambeer
"Developer Vlambeer had a vision -- one that has players returning to the age of arcades and high scores. He set out to make the kind of game that would have players ruthlessly wrestling for the number one spot on the leaderboard."

7DRL Challenge: seven-day roguelike development quest
"This year’s Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge (7DRLC) will be taking place from March 5th to March 13th. We’ve created this community blog so that all of us can embark together on the quest of developing amazingly awesome roguelikes in the course of 168 hours."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: A Day In The Life Of Minecraft Creator Mojang
"Notch talks to us about how he came to be in the position he’s now in, his intentions for Minecraft and Scrolls, and the philosophy behind his game development."

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