SpaceChem is easily one of our favourite indie games of the last few months, as my review would suggest. We had developer Zach Barth on the podcast this week, and he promised to give away some free copies of the game to IndieGames readers. So here they are, ready for the taking!

If you'd like to bag a code for activation on Steam (or for download through his site), simply submit the following: We want you to come up with an indie gaming orientated chemical element, and post about it in the comments below. Perhaps you envision Fezon, an element that disappears when you turn it ninety degrees, or Minecraftium, important in the building blocks of life. It's not necessary to come up with a description of your element, but as the five best will win copies of SpaceChem, it may be wise to write a brief line or two.

Now for the usual spiel: Only one entry per person please - anyone entering more than once will be disqualified. Make sure you supply your email address so that we can contact you if you win - don't worry, email addresses are not publicly displayed. Winners will be picked on Monday 14th March. Good luck!