I'm calling this one early - Cow Trouble shall be the next Angry Birds. From CosMind and Blue - Cosmind being the gentleman behind Glum Buster - you are tasked with knocking cows out of the clouds. They all tried to jump over the moon, you see.

Unlike Angry Birds, you're dropping balls from above rather than flinging them from the side. Once a ball is dropped, you can then swipe the touch-screen to perform a number of different powers. The idea is to set off chain reactions, knocking cows, people and objects all over the screen in an attempt to wipe them all out with as few moves as possible.

Finishing some of the later levels is difficult enough, but getting the gold medals is near impossible, as you need to 'perfect' each level by knocking every single thing over in one move. It's really great fun, and incredibly charming too, with a silly storyline and hilarious sound effects.

Definitely worth grabbing, especially so you can say in later months "I played Cow Trouble when it had only just been released". Because we all want to be cool like that, right? Download Cow Trouble for $1.99 from the App Store.