According to Lantana Games, Children of Liberty is a stealth-based, historical platformer centered around the misadventures of four young kids. Based in Boston during the tail-end of the Colonial Era, the game will apparently have you working to free the families of these young upstarts.

I know it sounds a little strange but what makes the whole thing sound so awesome to me is the fact that this Boston-centric indie title is being designed by, well, people from Boston. Too often you see people attempting to inject a dose of the exotic into their creations by drawing inspiration from foreign territories. It's nice to see the alternative every now and then.

While GameSetWatch has mentioned the game before, I'm going to wave it here a second time to gather it another round of support. As of this moment, Lantana Games is less than $2000 from their target figure over at Kickstarter and there are 50 days to go. If you think the game sounds awesome, why not drop a brief pledge in that direction?

Those interested in the upcoming project can check out Children of Liberty's Kickstarter page here.