At the risk of sounding horribly geeky, there was something rather epic about testing out Fallen Frontier alongside Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games. It was sometime during the 'Made in MA' event before PAX East last week. We were boxed in by the crowd. Dave had been busy playing. I was busy talking to the people who made the game. At one point, a controller was stuffed into my hand and I joined the fray

For the uninitiated, Fallen Frontier is Moonshot Games' debut title. set in a two-dimensional, dystopian future, the game revolves around a jaded lawman from Earth and his misadventures in the frontier worlds of Alpha Centauri. According to one of the developers, Fallen Frontier draws inspiration from old classics like Blade Runner, something that bodes remarkably well for fans of the ailing cyberpunk genre.

Concept art for the game was released less than a week ago and judging from what has been shared with the public, it looks like Fallen Frontier is going to be a visual treat. Speaking of the graphical presentation, I can't help but point out that the game looks significantly more impressive in person on a big TV. The animation is fluid, almost flawlessly done - it's one of those games that makes you feel like you're watching an animated feature more than anything else.

Of course, the effect is further compounded by the fact that multiplayer in Fallen Frontier features some of the slickest split-screen action I've seen yet. Depending on how the players move, the axis will rotate effortlessly to compensate. I remember a collective gasp of appreciation from the crowd when the split-screen fanned diagonally to accomodate Dave's drop into a shaft, shift to a vertical perspective as I followed suit before fading away entirely when we once again accomodated the same space.

Gameplay itself is relatively straightforward, something that works in Fallen Frontier's advantage as opposed to against it. There are multiple weapons to choose from. So far, we've seen a sniper rifle, an assault rifle as well as a shotgun; the last ended up my personal favorite. While you could technically choose to shoot from the hip, the game also comes with a targeting beam to help faciliate the acquisition of headshots. It also looks like the protoganists come with at least one extra accessory, a grappling hook of sorts that can be used to swing across maps and drag enemies into point-blank range. While it takes a little while to adjust to the control system, it feels natural enough after a few minutes at the helm.

Right now, the game is still heavily in development and is not expected for release anytime soon. Scheduled for release somewhere in the first half of 2012 on various platformers, here's to hoping that launch will not be accompanied by that whole Doomsday thing that everyone has been talking about.

For more information, you can check out the official website here.