So many awesome indie titles popping up on Steam over the last few days that you should be aware of, including some IGF finalists. Let's mention the wonderful SpaceChem first - I wrote about it recently, and in a nutshell, you should check it out. There's a demo, so at the very least grab that.

Next up, Nifflas hits the Steam Store with his ball-rolling NightSky. It's gorgeous, it's clever, it's essential - read my review and then give it a try. Dinner Date is also now available from Steam, following the life of Julian Luxemburg as he is stood up on a date. Ouch. Read my write-up about it.

BUTTON hits the Steam Store, and indeed the PC for the first time - it was originally an Xbox Live Indie Game title. I'm not sure how useful a copy of this game on PC is, as you'll need multiple wired Xbox controllers to play it and enough space around your PC, but hey - it's cheap!

Fate of the World is also available - I'm going to be giving this a proper write-up later as it is vaaanderful, but I can tell you now that it's worth checking out. Finally, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER leaves its home on WiiWare and lands on PC. Lovely rhythmic running action that, again, is totally worth a download.