Something about 1916 - The War You Never Knew terrifies me to no end. Set in the First World War, this survival-horror adventure will have you playing as a young soldier in the war. You have to get out, you have to survive and, for reasons that go unexplained, you have to deal with a pack of dinosaurs.

I'm personally not so sure about the prehistoric predators but I am very sure about the fact that 1916 - The War You Never Knew is one of the creepiest things I've seen on a browser. Imagine awakening alone in the trenches, couching and choking in a thick haze of mustard gas. Imagine being there without your friends, weapons or any clue as to what has happened. Thanks to the design of the trenches, there's no way you can really see around a corner, something that seldom bodes well when you're the main course at a reptilian buffet.

A student production stemming from Aalborg - Denmark, this unsettling little piece was produced in association with DADIU, The National Academy of Digital and Interactive Entertainment. Those interested in checking it out can do so at the team's official website.