Nitrome has been working on this one for a good while now, and from what I played this afternoon, it's been worth the wait. Steamlands is all about building tanks, Captain Forever style, and laying into anyone who decides to take their own mechanical wonder for a spin.

You'll start with a few select blocks, such as armour panels and weak guns, and bit by bit you can destroy weaker tanks, take their parts for your own machine, and then take on more powerful tanks. You've also got a little guy shoveling coal on-board to keep everything working, and he can pop out every now and again to fix up the exterior if it's showing cracks. Further into the game, you've also got saboteurs who can jump onto the enemy's tank and use their magic on it.

As with the aforementioned Captain Forever, the greatest element is being able to build whatever type of tank you want on the fly. Want a really tall tank? Why not. How about a tank that looks like an octopus? Let's do it.

Steamlands is due to be released sometime very soon. Jump below the cut for a detailed talk-through from the developers.