[Update: Super Meat Boy also just went on sale for half price! You can also pick up the Steam Potato Sack bundle, which brings a silly number of indie games together for a very silly price.]

Hope you weren't planning on doing anything important tonight. See, one of last year's best indie games just received an update, and well, it's not exactly what you would call 'miniscule'.

Boot up Steam, and you'll notice Super Meat Boy fire up its updating glands in preparation for the Super Meat World levels, of which there are 140 of the suckers. 140 whole new levels to play through - that's nearly half of the original count! It's seven chapters in total, including a chapter based around Matt Thorson's character Ogmo which developer Edmund McMillen says is "hard as f*ck".

Exciting times. If you've still not picked up a copy of the game yet (and let's be honest, if you haven't then there's something mighty wrong with you, son), head over to Steam and grab it now.