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Archive For May, 2011

Android Game Pick: Hextacy (Magnus Lorentzon)

May 17, 2011 4:30 PM | Michael Rose

Here goes with the Android picks then! I do like my mobile puzzle games, and Hextacy kept me going for a good hour before I decided it was probably time to go to sleep. The idea is to make matches of 3 or more adjacent hexagons of the same colour.

When you make a match, all the hexagons above will fall down into the space. However, when you can't make a match anymore, all the current pieces in the grid become blacked out, and more pieces fall on top. You can then only match the new pieces together.

Now here comes the big twist - once you've exhausted the latest pieces, those pieces black out, and the pieces from the first round come back to life again, plus new pieces fall on top. Pieces will continue to alternate between blacked out and active with each new level. If you manage to completely fill the grid with no active matches possible, it's all over.

The Lite version comes with just the Normal mode to play through, while the full version also has Hardcore and Pure, plus online highscore boards. The game is currently half price, at just $0.99/€0.75/£0.68. Jump below the cut to find QR codes that you can scan with your Android device to get straight to the Marketplace page. It's the futuuuuure!

Browser Game Pick: A Knight's Quest - Quest for Milk (Juice-Tin)

May 17, 2011 4:17 PM | Cassandra Khaw


Juice-Tin's latest game A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk is absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous in a good way, mind you but still ridiculous and also a surprising amount of fun to play. Filled to the brim with pop-culture references, it's an adventure game of sorts that will have you in the role of Knight, a slightly mean-spirited chap in blue armor who is out to get his mother more milk. Now, as is the case in all good quests, things are never that easy. In fact, there's even a giant department store outside (which takes the form of a castle, interestingly enough) called 'Everything but Milk' that seems to be there just to spite you.

Short and sweet, there's not much else I can say about it without bordering onto the realm of spoilers. A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk is definitely not a deep, inspiring metaphor for the human condition but it's definitely filled with its fair share of snickers.

Go here to play now.

Trailer: ch_sm (Ludoko Studios)

May 17, 2011 3:00 PM | Michael Rose

ch_sm features Lemmings-like creatures who need your help to cross a dangerous pit. You can manipulate each separate section of the floor to raise or lower it, allowing the little guys to progress.

You'll also need to bring the ceiling crashing down every once in a while too, stopping evil creatures in their tracks. The game is shaping up to be pretty chaotic, and you'll need your eye on the ball at all times, as hordes of the little things will need your attention all at once.

Currently looking for sponsorship, so expect it sometime soon.

Browser Game Pick: Doodle God 2 (Joybits)

May 17, 2011 11:49 AM | Cassandra Khaw


So, I'm sure you've made mistakes like this before. There you are, coasting through the still waters of the Internet, hungry for a diversion when you encounter a random little Flash game. You tell yourself it'd just be a quick fling, nothing more serious than that. Three hours later, you're still playing and mildly befuddled by the fact you can't stop.

The original Doodle God was one of those games. It starts out deceptively simple: you get four elements in the beginning. From there, you're supposed to, well, basically, generate life as we know it, complete with copious amounts of vodka and sex - don't ask me how it all correlates because as mystifying as that might sound, it somehow does. The gameplay never actually gets more complex than that; you only ever match two elements at a time. However, somehow, amidst the clever quotes and endless possibilities, you'll find a chunk of your day discreetly eaten away. The aptly-named Doodle God 2 is, basically, an expansion upon the original concept. In the free sequel (the paid iPhone version features an exponentially larger set of possibilities), you'll have the opportunity to generate up to 196 random objects pertinent to our world.

There's barely a learning curve here. The most you'll have to do, perhaps, is adjust your perception of the world a little bit in order to best understand the logic behind the game. For those who find divinity problematic, the hint system will be your friend.

Go here to play now.

Freeware Game Pick: Tight (OUEO Factory)

May 17, 2011 10:00 AM | Michael Rose


Quite easily the most fitting name this game could possibly have, Tight is a tense shooter in which a huge spiked monster is constantly following you, and you need to move in the opposite direction mighty fast.

The problem is, there's a ruddy huge wall in your way too which needs shooting down, and lots of little monsters who want to take a bite out of you. The key is to balance shooting at the boss with shooting ahead to clear a path. Unfortunately, the balancing is a little off - every few seconds, you'll be able to right click to open up the buy menu, and bag yourself beefier rockets and more grinding power, and very quickly you'll be far too powerful, and not have a hard time at all.

In this case, it also means that the scoring system is pointless, since you can technically keep going forever, as long as you don't kill the boss, and get yourself a ridiculous score. Still, Tight is great fun and hopefully the developers will build on this idea and turn it into a fuller, even more intriguing game. You can download Tight from the official site.

IndieGames.com Now Covers Android Games

May 16, 2011 3:00 PM | Michael Rose

We've been covering iPhone games here and there for several months now, but alas, none of us had Android phones, and therefore couldn't give the Android Marketplace a look in. However, as of this week I've now grabbed myself one, and the Android picks can commence.

If you're looking to have your Android game featured on the site, feel free to email me at michaelrose@indiegames.com, and I'll make sure to check it out. As with our iPhone game picks, I won't be doing too many of them (as the majority of our readers are looking for browser and freeware games), but I will definitely highlight the best Android games available at the time.

For those who couldn't give a monkey's about either Android or iPhone games, remember that you can use the tabs to select Desktop, and only read news that will interest you.

Terraria Released Today, Launch Trailer

May 16, 2011 12:03 PM | Michael Rose

[Update: The game is now available via Steam - click here to grab a copy.]

Well this came out of the blue, huh? Terraria first appeared in the limelight less than a month ago, and is already getting a release today on Steam. To celebrate the impended and inevitable boom in day one sales, the Terraria team has released the above trailer.

In a forum post over on at Terraria Online, developer Jeremy 'Blue' Guerrette explained that the first release will have some Steam integration - namely Steam chat and a built-in account system - but that there are no achievements for now. In fact, there's a whole list of features that will be missing for the first release, but considering that it's pretty much Minecraft 2D, it's not surprising that the team are using the same development model.

Still no word on when it will appear on Steam today, but it shall set you back $10. Check out the official site for everything you need to know.

Freeware Game Pick: 15 Minutes (Tim Hengeveld)

May 16, 2011 10:30 AM | Michael Rose


15 Minutes is a short adventure game that parodies the 24 television series. You are a top agent for the government, and have received intel that a bomb is about to go off in the local coffee shop. As the title would suggest, you've only got 15 minutes to stop it.

The dialogue is really entertaining, as is the sliding comic book panels style taken from the hit TV show. As you'd expect, there are a number of different ways it can all end, and you'll need to think fast to make sure that the world is saved in this very short space of time.

15 Minutes was developed for the monthly MAGS competition, and can be found for download over at Tim's site.

iPhone Game Pick: Deckmake Fantasy (Beeworks Co. Ltd)

May 15, 2011 8:13 PM | Cassandra Khaw

Localization can be one of those things that make or break a game. Depending on your tolerance for Engrish, you might find yourself either adoring DeckMake Fantasy or wanting to fling your iOS mobile of choice into a wall.

Filled with absolutely adorable visuals, DeckMake Fantasy is Magic the Gathering re-packaged for fans of Squeenix - it's not a bad thing, really, not unless you have problems with cutesey material. Then again, if you have issues with games that induce diabetes, you probably shouldn't be even thinking about getting this then.

At $2.99, however, some might find it a little steep given that you'd likely spend most of your time with your head slightly tilted to one side going, 'What the heck are they talking about?'. I was personally fine with it but then again, I grew up in a place where English is seldom the first language if you get what I'm saying.

Those interested in the game can pick it up here.

Demo: Irukandji 2 (Charlie's Games)

May 15, 2011 6:46 PM | Michael Rose

Irukandji 2 is an upcoming sequel to Charlie's original squid-blaster. The shmup developer is still hard at work on Scoregasm, but has been putting this game together as a little side project.

This demo features just a single level, but gives a great idea of what the final game will be like. You can control your squid with the mouse, and firing is automatic. There's a system in place whereby getting hit will use one of your bombs instead of killing you - unless you've run out of bombs, of course.

There's also this interesting 'bullet scraping' idea in place, where sliding close to an enemy bullet will bag you bonus points. Also, if you use a bomb, it will destroy all the enemies and bullets on the screen, giving you points for every single one. Hence, you want to use bombs when the screen is packed.

The game isn't going to be available until after Scoregasm is finished, so for now you'll have to be content with this demo. Make sure to change the resolution in the appropriate txt file! Of course, you can still check out the original game too.
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