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Archive For May, 2011

Browser Game Pick: Dungeon Runners (Valandre)

May 27, 2011 1:00 PM | Tim W.

Dungeon Runners is a roguelike effort contributed by Valandre for the Ludum Dare 20 competition, where you play as one of the five heroes sent into a dungeon to defeat a group of monsters and the boss that leads them. If anyone from the party is defeated in combat, then another comrade will take his place and continue on with the quest.

The controls have been simplifed down to a couple of keystrokes: you use the cursor keys to decide whether to continue down a corridor on or turn a corner, and movement is automatic until you reach another junction or a dead end. There are armor upgrades to collect and keys to find, so be sure to search the maze thoroughly in case you walked by a darkened passage without taking notice of it.

Dungeon Runners can be played by clicking here.

Browser Game Pick: Drum Hammer Dig (Steven Burgess)

May 27, 2011 10:00 AM | Tim W.

Drum Hammer Dig is a weekend project created by LostWinds designer Steven Burgess for the recently-concluded Ludum Dare competition. You play as a cutesy character who has to find the exit inside a cave to escape. Walls can be smashed by pressing the space key, and holding down any cursor key next to a wall causes you to push against it and find out the location of nearby monsters.

There's just one level to beat, although you can replay the game as many times as you like for a higher score. Steven did not indicate whether the Ludum Dare version will be expanded upon, but if you don't mind the short length of the whole experience then feel free to try Drum Hammer Dig by clicking here.

Browser Game Pick: UFOwned (FlashChaz & Recondite Archer)

May 27, 2011 2:59 AM | Cassandra Khaw


Everyone loves cheesy, old sci-fi movies with giant saucers and screaming people, right? Regardless of whether you enjoy the campiness of yesteryear's alien movies, you'd probably still UFOwned pretty entertaining. A brightly colored, blocky pixel-shooter, UFOwned will have you wrecking havoc through a little, two-dimensional town. You'll be able to unleash epic levels of destruction, snatch people up with a laser beam and well, you get the idea, right? What makes UFOwned particularly entertaining is the fact that there are upgradable aspects to the whole affair. Accomplishing tasks will result in faster beams and so forth.

It's definitely worth the giggle so go check it out over at Bubble Box now.

GemCraft Free With Not-So-Secret Code

May 26, 2011 9:48 PM | Cassandra Khaw

Oh, hey. Guess what? Weather forecast indicates the possibility of free stuff this weekend and as proof of this, it seems that the folks over at Game in a Bottle have decided to give away GemCraft for free. According to the instructions in my inbox, those interested in getting a free copy of the game should download the FREE version of GemCraft from the App store, swipe across the main menu and enter the secret code 'protector'.

That's it. No strings attached. At least, we hope not.

Go here to pick up GemCraft.

Browser Game Pick: 14 Locks (Bart Bonte)

May 26, 2011 3:30 PM | Michael Rose


14 Locks is another simple yet engaging puzzlers from Mr Bart Bonte. You are trapped in a series of rooms, each with a locked door to the next. The keycode needed to unlock each door is somewhere in your current room and needs hunting down before you can progress.

It all starts off mighty easy, with the codes obviously printed on the wall, but rather quickly you'll have to start using your noggin. The game feels a little amateurish in its execution, but it's Bart's first crack at Unity, which is pretty impressive.

Can you break free from the 14 Locks? Give it a go over on Bart's site.

Frozen Synapse Released

May 26, 2011 12:00 PM | Michael Rose

Been waiting for this one, as I'm sure many of you have. Turn-based tactical strategy title Frozen Synapse has finally been released, along with the above launch trailer which shows off the ins and outs of getting one over on your opponents.

I played plenty of the multiplayer back when the game was in beta, and liked it a hell of a lot. The full release includes more game modes, and a full single-player campaign in which - get this - each level is randomly generated each time you play, while the objectives remain the same. There's also a skirmish generator and, of course, the epic multiplayer action. More replay value than you can throw a grenade at, basically.

For today, there's money off the full price, so if you're planning on picking it up, today would be a good day to do so. $19.99 will bag you two copies of the game - one for you and one for a friend. Apparently you'll be able to activate your copy on Steam, but the game doesn't appear to be on there yet. If you're a bit low on cash, watch out this weekend when we may well have one of our little competitions going...

Trailer: Retro City Rampage (Vblank)

May 26, 2011 5:00 AM | Tim W.

There's a new trailer posted by Vblank Entertainment for their upcoming WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade release Retro City Rampage - this time showcasing a bit of the arcade mode and a variety of weapons being put into good use. Mike calls RCR his most anticipated release for 2011, citing the no-holds-barred gameplay and cheeky retro game references as two of the features to watch out for when this game hits the proverbial streets (the music ain't half bad either).

Go watch the trailer now, then check out the preview here for a detailed summary on why Retro City Rampage should be on your watch list this year.

Indie Game Links: Benny Fotter

May 26, 2011 3:00 AM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net.

Kill Screen: Bennett Foddy
"In addition to creating the finger-twisting games QWOP and GIRP, Bennett Foddy was a founding member of the band Cut Copy. And somewhere in between his hobbies, he managed to earn a PhD and become a philosopher at Oxford."

PC Gamer: GameTrekking interview
"Back in September 2010, TIGSource's founder Jordan Magnuson set off on an audacious project - travelling around South-East Asia, making indie games about his experiences along the way. PC Gamer spoke to Magnuson about doodling, genocide, and his experiences on the road."

Gamasutra: Android Minecraft Coming To Xperia Play First
"Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed that the previously revealed Android version of its PC indie hit will be arriving on Sony Ericsson's PlayStation-certified Xperia Play before other phones. Mojang is also developing versions of the title for iOS and other Android phones."

Gamasutra: 2D Word-Of-Mouth Hit Terraria Sells 200K In Nine Days
"Re-Logic's exploration-based 2D online game Terraria passed its 200,000 sales milestone Tuesday, the company said. Terraria is currently number two on Steam's list of top sellers, though it was in the number one slot for at least its first six days."

RPG JS: HTML5-Driven RPG Maker for Browsers?

May 26, 2011 1:00 AM | Cassandra Khaw

I had stopped doing web development for a while already when HTML 5 came around. However, that didn't keep me from being fascinated with how it functioned. As a result, RPG JS makes me feel strangely fuzzy. It's free and open-source, consists entirely of 100% HTML5 and Javascript and is available for commercial use. It appears that a lot of elements from RPG Maker XP has been ported over to the engine.

Based on EaselJS, RPG JS's website had a demo that I poked at. The controls feel slightly sluggish but it's entirely possible that an industrious developer somewhere can make this work really well. It also looks fairly accessible for the budding enthusiast as well.

Curious? Head down to the official website.

Terraria vs Minecraft: Why 2D Is King

May 25, 2011 5:00 PM | Michael Rose


Ever since the behemoth that is Minecraft starting eating all the monies in the world, other developers - both indie and AAA alike - have been trying to work out what the heckers makes it so popular. Then there are those developers who have decided to take it a step further and make their own Minecraft, with success-bearing results.

Anyone who tells you that Terraria is not a 2D Minecraft clone is either a) a huge Terraria fanboy, or b) a bit dense. The game never admits its roots, yet never tries to conceal them either, from its blocky world to its crafting system to its enemies coming out at night... everything screams Minecraft. But then, Terraria also builds on the 3D original, adding tons of its own ideas and, of course, featuring a whole new side-on perspective.

In doing this, Terraria has actually managed to better its inspiration. Indeed, Terraria is not simply 2D Minecraft - it's far better than that, and my 20+ hours of play, coupled with numerous late nights of 'just one more descent', are proof of that.

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