grand prix story.jpg

Whenever a new Kairosoft game hits the App Store, the rest of my week is ruined. No work can get done, and many late nights will be had, as my state of addiction rise to obscene levels. The developer has seen huge success on the App Store, which makes this latest move seem rather strange.

Grand Prix Story, the next game from the management sim dev, is now available via the Android Marketplace, rather than for the iPhone. Clocking in at around £3, it plays out much like past games Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story, except with racing this time around.

You are the boss of a racing team, and you're tasked with training your drivers, getting sponsors, and then sitting back and watching them bring in the trophies. It's great fun, as you'd expect from Kairosoft, and well worth grabbing. Head over to the Android Marketplace and kiss your week goodbye.