Social media is everywhere these days. You can't turn sideways without bumping into something associated with it. But while not unknown to the video game industry (What's up, Zynga?!), this may be the first time that social media has served as a vital in-game plot device. Well, 'vital' may be an understatement. According to what I understand, it seems that 'Flitter' is a mandatory component of Life in the Dorms, a quirky-looking adventure game revolving around the life of a neurotic college freshman. Without it, you'll be unable to solve many of the game's puzzles, something I have mixed feelings about.

On one hand, it's a delicious nod to our reliance on social media. On the other, I'm not sure if I really wanted more social media with my game. Due for release sometime at the end of this year on XBLIG, Life in the Dorms is Moment Games' sophomore production and the spiritual successor to Office Disorders. In addition to Flitter, Life in the Dorms is apparently going to feature ramen, a potentially homicidal roommate, no zombies and ... surgery.

I'll be honest. I have no idea how it all correlates or any clue as to how impressive the final product will be .Heck, there's only been one screenshot so far. Nonetheless, I imagine we'd find out soon enough. For more information, you can check out the official website here.