I'm not a huge fan of trains. Living in the UK means that I usually associate trains with delays and hanging around stations when I'd rather just be home. It's OK though, because Train Frontier Express lets you build huge landscapes with winding tracks all over the place, and then blow up trains. Call it revenge.

My first 5 minutes of play were filled with resentment, but once I had some track down, some forests and a nice little village to plough through, I was content. OK, so it's not all about crashing things - this is a train simulator with tons of different objects to place down, dozens of trains and carriages to stick on the track, and terrain-altering abilities for creating dangerous paths for your train excursions.

You can also go online with up to three friends and crash into each other! I only managed to get this going once with a couple of random strangers, but it was pretty fun. If you're looking for a fun little sandbox experience, Train Frontier Express could be exactly what you desire. Check it out in the Xbox Live Marketplace.