cave story plus.jpg

Iconic action adventure title Cave Story is reborn as Cave Story+ on the Steam service today for Mac and Windows users.

While Pixel's/Daisuke Amaya's original Cave Story was a freeware title, this Nicalis co-developed "plus" version includes the ability to toggle between the original aesthetics and new HD graphics and remastered music. There are several new modes such as Easy, Hard, Boss Rush, Time Attack, and Curly. There is also a new "Wind Fortress" level designed by Ayama himself.

Cave Story+ actually hit the Mac App Store in September. Two months later, the Steam release has finally landed for both PC and Mac. The Steam version is having an introductory 15% off sale, bringing the title to $8.49.

Those who want it can grab Cave Story+ via Steam or the Mac App Store today. For those who want even more Pixel in their life, Nintendo 3DS has Cave Story 3D, also developed by Nicalis.

[Thanks to readers Adam and Martijn for the tips!]