warblers nest.pngThe Warbler's Nest is a relatively short work of interactive horror fiction by Jason McIntosh, that has you enter the world of a troubled soul, searching for answers among the almost ominous reeds. The game was originally created for the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition and went on to win that year's XYZZY Award for Best Story.

It's a text adventure, that truly understands its nature and plays this to its strength by taking full advantage of the medium and being a wonderful, dark, interactive fairy tale. It also is an offering you can complete in one afternoon or spend far longer exploring all its tiny details. No matter how you play it though, you'll definitely appreciate how sharply, atmospherically and at times disturbingly it's written.

The iOS port of Warbler's Nest comes with an excellent interface that works like a dream on the iPad and pretty well on the smaller screen of the iPhone. Its UI features include a popup palette of common commands, the ability to take notes and full VoiceOver support. You can buy it for $0.99 over at the App Store.