bobys adventure.jpgTincan 2 and Boby's Adventure, two free platformers recently added on Game Jolt, represent two very different experiences: single screen, masochism and scrolling adventure, respectively. I wasn't sure which I preferred more until I played extreme examples of each.

Panic Art Studios' Windows freeware game Boby's Adventure is colorful, richly animated, full of breakable and collectible objects, and stars a primarily red and blue hero with a yo-yo. There's only five stages to play through for now, but all featured several checkpoints and were pleasant, save my attempt to get the first "B" letter in the fifth stage. Although Boby looks dressed for freezing weather, thankfully the game excluded an evil, slippery ice area.

The game itself is dressed with a luscious world map and offers vertical and horizontal auto-scrolling levels, along with standard levels. All this comes to such a screeching halt, though. Boby's biggest faults for me are that it doesn't explore the yo-yo mechanics too deeply and that it is an unfinished project. However, the developer may rework it so that it will also be for mobile in the future, hopefully more fleshed out.

tincan 2.jpgBret Hudson's Tincan 2 features seven stages that I will never experience because I keep dying on the second stage. I once considered myself a decent platforming player, but Tincan 2's super sensitive physics proved otherwise. Hitting switches and avoiding (sometimes moving) spikes and lasers to arrive at a goal plainly in sight seemed simple enough on the onset. However, I decided to take what little hair I had left on my head and leave it to some platforming masters here to tell the rest of us what happens on stage 3 and beyond.

So, which type do you prefer? I'm more an adventurer than a twitch-masochist, I realized. Test out your platforming personality with the browser-based Tincan 2 and the freeware Boby's Adventure demo.