ikachan.jpgCave Story developer Pixel (Daisuke Amaya) created a light diversion for free called Ikachan back in 2000. Over 12 years later, he and publisher Nicalis have re-released Ikachan on Nintendo 3DS for $5.

Ikachan is very much the underwater action adventure equivalent of Pixel's more popular Cave Story, compacted into a 1-2 hour experience. The player-squid builds up life through eating fish and bashing enemies and earns new powers to get further in the game. I usually hate the swimming environments in games, but controlling Ikachan feels rather effortless. It's almost a relaxing game, save a couple boss battles.

I have no complaints with the length of the game; the world was charming enough to make me play until the end. The price will meet some friction, for sure, though. I just hope whatever Amaya makes will motivate him to finish RockFish, because I'm ready for another, longer dip in the Pixel pool.