Studio Pixel's Kero Blaster was first announced at BitSummit last year under the name Gero Blaster. Since then the game has undergone some changes, but it's headed to Windows (via Playism) and iOS next month.

In Kero Blaster, players take on the role of a frog who is also an officer worker. Tasked with ridding the company's teleporters of monsters, this frog must travel all over the place. He doesn't get much travel allowance, but he gets an upgradable blaster with which to kick butt.

The video footage above is for the PC version. When Kero Blaster was first shown at BitSummit last year, only the iPhone version was available to try and it had on-screen button controls. A representative of Playism has declined to comment about whether or not the current iPhone version still features on-screen buttons or if the control scheme has been reworked for more intuitive touch controls. It's worth noting that the original button controls were custom-made for the game and worked quite well.

Kero Blaster will cost $4.99 for iOS and $7.99 for Windows. It will also be on display at the PAX East Indie Megabooth along with Astebreed from Edelweiss and La-Mulana 2 from Nigoro.