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Kickstarter Projects: Rex Rocket (Rob & Tyler)

April 23, 2013 4:05 PM | Anthony Swinnich

One of the best parts about the gaming industry is the fact that there's nothing stopping two friends with an idea from keeping the types of games they've always loved alive. While today's low bar of entry can result in some questionable releases, Rex Rocket looks like an honest attempt to prove quality need not be hindered by rose-tinted glasses.

Vlambeer's games popular among players, cloners alike

April 23, 2013 12:01 AM | Staff

luftrauserssmall.jpgVlambeer's not only known for tight and focused games like Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing. The Dutch independent game studio is also known for taking a stance against game cloning, which is all-too-common on mobile app stores.

The reason Vlambeer is so publicly anti-cloning is because Ridiculous Fishing spawned a clone, which released well before the actual Ridiculous Fishing, and that nearly tore the studio apart a couple years ago.

Now it appears that another one of Vlambeer's upcoming distinctively-styled games, Luftrausers, has been cloned and released on mobile.

Vlambeer's Rami Ismail told Gamasutra over instant messenger that the studio has emailed both Apple and Google about game, which is credited to one "RubiqLab."

"The basic consensus seems to be since [RubiqLab is] using our assets and using fake screenshots exactly like our game that we should just file a complaint," he said.

New DROD teases more dungeon puzzles; developer listening to platform requests

April 22, 2013 9:05 PM | John Polson

Caravel Games' next Deadly Rooms of Death (DROD) entry now has a teaser full of new turn-based, dungeon-crawling puzzles. The Second Sky is to be "Beethro Budkin's climactic adventure in the Great Beneath, as he goes up against the Underground Empire under the threat of a looming Grand Event," says the YouTube description. The teases in the video include new weapons, new enemies (such as the chain serpent), and duplicator puzzles.

The 5 stages of depression in game development, according to Epiphany Games

April 20, 2013 4:10 AM | Staff


This was originally posted on the Flat Earth Games blog. For background, the company is run by myself and my brother Rohan, and our first game is being co-developed by a Sydney-based studio called Epiphany Games. They and about ten other contributors have been working in their spare time, to be paid in a percentage of the profits from the game. This is an article about the stress I've felt during this process as a result of the depression I've been grappling with at the same time as all this has gone on...

A little over a year ago, or about 3-4 months into the development of my first game, I fell into a very deep depression for which I have since been on medication and in and out of therapy. It’s entirely possible that, given my previous career involved promoting work by others, I’d had distance enough from that work not to let the stress (and there was indeed much stress) get to me. Although with depression of any kind, focusing on one factor (or even external factors at all) isn’t exactly healthy, so I only bring up the work situation because it’s pertinent to my experience here.

Suffice to say, it’s been more and more difficult with each passing month to keep my head up high or down and working, depending on where it needs to be, and I feel it’s been detrimental to the project, the team and to myself in stages.

I should stress that these are stages I’ve identified in my experience only, and I certainly don’t suggest that these are uniform and are felt in the same way by everyone going through depression of any kind.

Trailer: Organic Panic is what it's like when healthy food strikes back

April 18, 2013 6:10 PM | Anthony Swinnich

Ah, the age-old dinner table debate. Meat and cheese versus fruits and veggies. This conundrum has ignited many a family argument based on which you'd rather eat, but Last Limb is hoping you'll make your choice from another angle entirely: Which would win in a fight? Organic Panic champions the burning rage of the healthy option in a world where the unhealthy selection has achieved world domination.

How a bad publisher deal made Mutant Mudds dev Renegade Kid go indie

April 18, 2013 12:07 AM | Staff

jools portrait.jpg

[Original Post by Jools Watsham]

There was a specific point in time when Renegade Kid went full bore indie. I prefer to avoid using the term ‘indie’, but the current meaning of the word accurately describes our current status: we stopped relying on publishers for game-development funding and decided to start trying to fend for ourselves financially with the development and publishing of our original games. At least, that’s what indie means to me.

There were two events that happened in 2012 that firmly set our destiny on course. The first was the release of Mutant Mudds in the Nintendo eShop on January 26. Even though we self-funded and self-published this title – putting us in the indie role – we did not expect this to be our new business model going forward. At least, not one hundred percent anyway.

The development of Mutant Mudds was a labor of love. We did it because we felt we had to. We had to quench our thirst to create such a game. We were developing other titles while Mutant Mudds was being created, so it felt like a side project. Even though we dedicated many hours to the development of the game, it almost felt as though we spent no money on it. So, when we published the game it felt like a perfect gamble and allowed us to be able to accept the possibility of no sales because our emotional bank accounts were filled by the completion of the game. We were proud of what we achieved.

Monaco pre-order sale, game releases next week on Steam and XBLA

April 17, 2013 2:57 PM | John Polson

The IGF 2010 Grand Prize winning co-op heist game Monaco now has one more 10% off sale, this time to commemorate the April 24 release on Steam for Windows and XBLA. Players can net an additional savings of about 35% if they share the cost via a 4-pack.

PSN Release: Dragon Fantasy Book I has varying degrees of old school

April 16, 2013 10:55 PM | Anthony Swinnich

One look at Muteki Corporation's Dragon Fantasy Book I brought a pang of longing to my heart for the days when an amnesiac protagonist wasn't a cliché and traversing the world in a late-game airship wasn't a comfortable-if-overused trope. There are few new games that scratch that itch, so Dragon Fantasy's release is a welcome event.

CastleMiner Z dev's response to "The 8 keys to indie success"

April 16, 2013 6:29 PM | John Polson

portrait DNA.jpg

[Thomas Steinke wrote this on sister site Gamasutra's free community blogs]

In the last week my article "How to Make it as a Professional Indie Game Developer" or "8 keys to indie success" caused quite a stir.

How to Make it as a Professional Indie Game Developer

I wanted to take some time and address a lot of the comments and questions that people have raised in one concise place for everyone to see.

I had thought about writing that article for a while, but was reluctant to do so. Not because I thought it would be highly controversial but because I thought it was too boring. To me this represented a set of abstract commonsense business ideas that weren't really worth talking about in the limited detail that I could in a small article like this.

Cloudberry Kingdom to conquer multiple platforms this spring

April 12, 2013 12:15 PM | Anthony Swinnich

Pwnee Studios is hoping to fill as many swear jars as possible with platformer Cloudberry Kingdom and its potentially insane level design. A publishing agreement with Ubisoft will help them accomplish this goal, as the game is now slated for release across multiple platforms this spring.

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