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E3 2011 - Trailer: Papa & Yo (Minority)

June 5, 2011 3:50 PM | Cassandra Khaw

Substance abuse can be a terrible thing. It's even worse when it's present within a parent because really, there's nothing quite like losing that final bastion of support. After all, we've been indoctrinated to believe that parents are the ones you run to, the ones that will be there for you when the rest of the world has abandoned you. What can be worse then making that source of comfort the very origins of your despair? Musings aside, I was actually a little surprised to see a game like Papa & Yo showing up on the Playstation Blog. In the introductory article, Creative Director Vander Caballero explains how Papa & Yo serves as an euphemism for his childhood experiences.

He said, "Well, the tale told in Papa & Yo is about myself and my father, a good man but also an evil one. Like many, he used alcohol and drugs to cope with a challenging life, and I was caught in the middle of it. The emotional core of this game is ultimately a fable about my relationship with my father."

Fable is definitely a good word for it. Instead of a flawed parental figure, we have instead a 'best friend and protector' named Monster. It's a beast that cares deeply for the protagonist Quico but transforms into a ravenous abomination whenever it consumes poisonous frogs. The message isn't particularly subtle but it tugs heavily on my heart strings. Papa & Yo's main story revolves around Quico's attempt at curing his best friend, a thought that must have crossed Caballero's mind a million times as a child. I also can't help but wonder what other elements drew inspiration from his past and where the divide between fact and fiction exists.

The game will be making its debut at E3 this year so do expect a hands-on impression once I've muscled my way through the lines to take a look at it.

P.S: Since I'll be on the show floor making my rounds, feel free to e-mail me to let me know about YOUR game if you're going to be there or if there's any game in particular that you'd like to see previewed!

Official website can be found here.

Preview: Journey (thatgamecompany)

June 3, 2011 7:30 PM | Tim W.

We know that come E3 there'd be more trailers for thatgamecompany's exploration game Journey, but thanks to GameTrailers there's now an exclusive one-minute gameplay video of the game in action (which we've embedded above) plus an interview with Jenova Chen about how how the co-op mode will work, why they picked a desert for the main story location, and when the game will be released on the PlayStation Network (they're aiming for Fall 2011).

Both Joystiq and Destructoid also have lengthy write-ups on their preview experience of Journey, so go read those too once you're done watching the two clips.

Preview: Sound Shapes (Jonathan Mak)

June 3, 2011 7:00 AM | Tim W.

Bloody 'ell Mak, where have you been? Developing a musical platformer for Sony's new portable console, that's what. In the video above the developer of Everyday Shooter walks us through his latest project (called Sound Shapes), explaining how a platformer level is generated procedurally based on the musical composition that you write. Clever!

According to Mak, you control a 'blue ball' that will stick and roll on just about any surface. There's a button that you can press to jump, and holding the square button causes the ball to release its grip and move at a faster speed across the landscape. The objective of the game is basically to collect as many dots as you can while avoiding the traps and enemies, all the while chilling to the unique soundtrack that will morph and change depending on what kinds of events are happening on screen.

Mak mentions that the game will come with pre-loaded levels to play with, and you can even share your own musical creations and platformer challenges on a cloud system with other friends as well. A follow-up video about the creation of Sound Shapes can be found in the extended, as Mak talks to Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat about what he's been up to in the past four years since the release of Everyday Shooter.

[via GameSetWatch]

Trailer: Fluffy: Operation Overkill (SO SO DEV Games)

June 2, 2011 9:32 PM | Michael Rose

Coming later this month to Xbox Live Indie Games, Fluffy: Operation Overkill is a no nonsense let's shoot ravenous animals into millions of itty bitty pieces blaster featuring a squirrel in some kind of hazard suit. It's going to be incredibly silly, and this pleases me.

From what I can see in the video, there appears to be a combo system for stringing together multiple kills in mental ways, and a good few boss battle style levels to hold down the trigger button to. Hopefully when it launches, it will play as good as it looks.

Read things about the game, and then watch some things too, at the official site.

Nimbus+ Coming To PSN

June 1, 2011 11:04 AM | Michael Rose


Released last year, Nimbus was fun. Really great fun, in fact. But you know what it was missing? A plus sign. Things are always better with a plus sign. The most wonderful news is upon us then, as Nimbus+ is coming to a PlayStation Network near you.

But what does that plus symbol mean? According to Noumenon Games, you're going to see new levels and content, as well as fixes and alterations to areas of the PC version that didn't gel so well. There's also mention of an editor, which I assume refers to a level editor, so let's fist-pump for that.

Don't worry, PC fans - the devs are planning on bringing as much of the new version over to the original release as possible, so you won't be left feeling sore. No release date as of yet, but we'll let you know when we know that they know. You know?

Source: DIYGamer

Trailer: La-Mulana (Nigoro)

June 1, 2011 7:00 AM | Tim W.

There's now a firm Japanese release date for Nigoro's WiiWare 2D platformer La-Mulana, but fans worldwide would have to wait just a bit longer to find out when the game will be available to purchase in their respective countries. It will retail at 1200 Nintendo Points - slightly more expensive than most other WiiWare releases, but a real bargain considering the amount of content that Team Nigoro had managed to squeeze into every pore of the restrictive 40 MB Wiiware size limit.

A new trailer was also posted yesterday to prepare fans for the eventual arrival of La-Mulana on their shores, showcasing many of the redesigned enemies, locations, traps, and awesome-looking boss fights that you will have to contend with in the ruins of the lost civilization. Wii owners in Japan can download the game come June 21st, 2011.

Trailer: Parasitus (H.A.M Games)

May 30, 2011 3:43 AM | Cassandra Khaw

According to H.A.M Games, Parasitus is a two player side-scrolling XBox Live Indie Games title designed in the grand tradition of games like Contra and Castlevania. Featuring an extensive amount of demonic creatures and ominious landscape, it doesn't look half-bad at all. I'm not quite sure what the plot involves just yet but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Those interested in knowing more can head down to H.A.M Games' development blog and check things out there.

Trailer: Solve it - Pack 1 (Marklund games)

May 28, 2011 12:00 AM | Cassandra Khaw

Billed as a 'game about giving instructions', Solve It - Pack 1 has also been described by some as a 'game that will murder you'. I'm not really sure how difficult it might be, personally, as I don't have an Xbox to test this logic puzzler on. However, I can definitely see how this could potentially go. Instead of directly controlling Dennis, the grumpy-looking critter that serves as the lead character here, players will have to assemble a list of commands in order to direct him to his goal.

While not the first game that Marklund Games has produced, it seems that it is, however, the first to be released. The Swedish game development studio had previously created Twang! which was responsible for winning the Dare to be Digital competition in 2010. Priced at 80 points on the Xbox Live Market, Solve It - Pack 1 is definitely a bit of a steal. Sure, the concept isn't particularly foreign to the market. However, the visuals are absolutely lovely and there are 30 stupendously difficult levels to plot your way through.

Curious? You check it out here. As a bonus, there's a downloadable demo in case you're not willing to take a leap of faith just yet.

Trailer: Retro City Rampage (Vblank)

May 26, 2011 5:00 AM | Tim W.

There's a new trailer posted by Vblank Entertainment for their upcoming WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade release Retro City Rampage - this time showcasing a bit of the arcade mode and a variety of weapons being put into good use. Mike calls RCR his most anticipated release for 2011, citing the no-holds-barred gameplay and cheeky retro game references as two of the features to watch out for when this game hits the proverbial streets (the music ain't half bad either).

Go watch the trailer now, then check out the preview here for a detailed summary on why Retro City Rampage should be on your watch list this year.

XBL Indie Game Pick: Blocks That Matter (Swing Swing Submarine)

May 23, 2011 6:02 PM | Michael Rose


Got some spare Microsoft Points lying around? Take 240 of them, and go purchase Blocks That Matter, a new puzzle-platformer from Swing Swing Submarine that builds on the concept the dev previously used in Tuper Tario Tros. In each level, you need to collect bricks together, then use them to build bridges and stairways to freedom.

However, you can only place the blocks in groups of four, in the shape of Tetris blocks. Each type of block has its own characteristics - some fall when there's nothing below them, while others can't be drilled at all. It's pretty challenging stuff, that will test your brain over 50+ levels.

Definitely worth picking up - give it a download from the Xbox Marketplace, or grab the demo to check it out first.
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