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Now on Steam: Closure and To The Moon

September 9, 2012 12:00 PM | John Polson

Two hotly anticipated titles released on Steam this week: Eyebrow Interactive's Windows and Mac puzzle platformer Closure and Freebird Games' adventure RPG To The Moon for Windows.

The trailer above is for Tyler Glaiel's browser game turned PSN hit turned Mac and Windows Steam release Closure. Darkness cloaks the stages, and everything that is not lit is one giant death pit. However, with some clever light-manipulating mechanics, players slowly uncover where it is safe to explore.

Closure's PC release comes with unlockable developer commentary and internal development tools for modding. The jury's out on whether shining a light onto Closure's code helps illuminate how to mod it, though. Closure is priced at $8.99 for its first week.

After the jump is the trailer for To The Moon.

Traffic Mayhem Sim Box Cat Now Available In Mac App Store

September 9, 2012 8:00 AM | Danny Cowan

After a destructive debut on iOS last year, a desktop version of Wild Rooster's "retro arcade smasher" Box Cat is now available in the Mac App Store.

In Box Cat, players control a massive feline that wages war on a busy street, smashing all cars and trucks that dare to cross its path. In addition to a lengthy Adventure mode, the game boasts an array of unlockable cats, along with a bonus Rush Hour mode.

Box Cat is priced at $1.99.

When Thief, Rainbow Six and Uplink Come Together...

September 9, 2012 12:00 AM | Staff

cowboy long gama.jpgWhenever I'm asked who I believe to be the most exciting indie developers of the moment, without fail I mention Blendo Games. My love for Brendon Chung's work began with the wonderful Gravity Bone, and extended to Flotilla, Atom Zombie Smasher and pretty much anything else he puts out.

Much of my love comes from the fresh, unique feeling that each of Chung's games exudes. It's difficult to find another game as off the wall as Gravity Bone, or as well realized as Atom Zombie Smasher. You can go into a Blendo game with the knowledge that you're about to experience something unlike anything you've played before.

Two new Blendo titles sent me into a tizzy in the last month. Thirty Flights of Loving, originally available as a reward in the Idle Thumbs Kickstarter, was released recently on Steam as a sequel to Gravity Bone. While relatively short, it encapsulates everything that Blendo Games is about, with players taking on the role of a criminal in a heist that goes horribly wrong. Chung's ability to tell linear stories in a truly unique and exciting manner surges throughout.

But it's with his new upcoming game Quadrilateral Cowboy that Chung is really turning up the heat. The cyberpunk low-tech game once again pits you as a 1980s criminal, intent on breaking into offices, vaults and other important buildings, stealing information, and getting out without being spotted.

Love is Now Free-To-Play

September 8, 2012 4:00 PM | Cassandra Khaw

love_free.jpg Eskil Steenberg's Love has been described by its creator as a 'cooperative online first person adventure game.' Here, you'll play as a scavenger who must band together with other scavengers to construct a settlement, defend it, deal with opposing tribes and do other such things. The procedurally-generated MMO is absolutely lovely in a weird, abstract sort of way and also now completely free-to-play. Of course, if you want to be kind and donate some cash, that's also totally okay too.

You can find out more about the game here.

Browser Game Pick: ...As I Drift Away... (Edd)

September 8, 2012 12:00 PM | John Polson

as i drift away.pngDubbed "a silly game about the gravity of life," developer Edd Harwood's ...As I Drift Away... is a first-person puzzle game about shifting perspectives as opposed to portals. There's also a healthy dose of carrying boxes and placing them on switches. Unfortunately, those boxes don't always want to stay put when you shift gravity, until of course when you can make them stay put.

As part of the escape-themed Casual Gameplay Design Competition, Harwood teaches lessons in escaping "mass, mind, memory and me." Try ...As I Drift Away... here.

Beneath A Steel Sky 2 Announced As Broken Sword Kickstarter Stretch Goal

September 8, 2012 8:00 AM | Danny Cowan

Revolution Software announced that it will create a sequel to its 1994 cyberpunk adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky if its Broken Sword Kickstarter project reaches over $1 million in pledges.

The Broken Sword sequel campaign has earned over $400,000 since its launch last month, surpassing its initial funding goal and putting it on track toward reaching its stretch goals. Additional milestones of $500,000, $650,000, and $800,000 will fund the creation of additional content for Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse.

[Thanks, John V!]

Sense of Wonder Night 2012 Highlights Experimental Indie Games

September 8, 2012 12:00 AM | Staff

sown_logo2012.jpgOrganizers for the Sense of Wonder Night competition have selected ten experimental indie titles that will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show later this month.

Modeled after the Game Developers Conference's Experimental Gameplay Workshop, SOWN seeks to feature games with unconventional ideas and designs, and to give developers an opportunity to present their projects to a game industry audience.

The ten games that will be featured at SOWN 2012 are the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Backworlds by Anders Ekermo & Juha Kangas (Sweden)
  • BaraBariBall by Noah Sasso (U.S.)
  • Breaks by Takayuki Yanagihara (Japan)
  • Chumam by Sho Ishida (Japan)
  • Douse by DigiPen Team Terrabyte (U.S.)
  • Grandmaster by Artur Mine and Dmitry Verbitsky (Ukraine)
  • Memory of a Broken Dimension by Ezra Hanson-White (U.S.)
  • Taiso by Zacozaco (Japan)
  • Tengami by Jennifer Schneidereit (UK)
  • The Light Shooter by Kyosuke Yasumoto (Japan)

SOWN 2012's judges picked the games from a pool of 75 applications submitted by developers all over the world. All of the developers will present their titles at a Tokyo Game Show event (which will be livestreamed online) on September 21.

[Eric Caoili wrote this article, which originally appeared on Gamasutra.]

New Game Music Bundle offers iOSTs

September 7, 2012 8:00 PM | John Polson

igame music bundle.jpgThe Game Music Bundle returns with up to 17 iGame albums for you ears. For $1 or more you get the soundtracks to Horn (by Journey's Austin Wintory), Globulous, Puzzlejuice, Squids: Wild West, and Organ Trail: Director's Cut. For $10 or more you also get the tunes of Aliens Incursion, Wyv and Keep, Splice, Mecho Wars HD, Polymer, iBlast Moki 2, and Super Hexagon EP.

Two unlockables have been revealed, Super Stickman Golf and Happy Street, but they require a set number of bundles sold. Three more secret albums remain shrouded, and only time and more bundle sales will reveal their identities.

Conspirocracy Promises A Trip Into Bureaucratic Hell Itself

September 7, 2012 6:00 PM | Cassandra Khaw

conspirocracy2.png A short point & click adventure game that was loosely inspired by Douglas Adams' Bureaucracy, Conspirocracy is the story of a school teacher named David Poulson and how he wakes up one day to find out that he no longer exists on paper. No, really. Apparently, the government made the decision to declare Poulson a non-entity. On top of figuring out why he's been erased from existence, so to speak, players will have to figure out a way to keep Poulson calm. If his stress meter goes too high, he might just die from worry. Literally.

Official AGS thread here.

The Pirate Bay Embraces McPixel

September 7, 2012 2:00 PM | John Polson

mcpixel promo bay.pngMcPixel has just become the first game promoted on "The Promo Bay," a periodical event in which torrent site The Pirate Bay promotes independent artists. While historically developers have embraced piracy as a way to appeal to fans, it appears now piracy has embraced a developer.

The deal went down while Sos was heading up an IAmA thread on Reddit. Before this, Sos had left some promo codes in the comment section of the game's torrent on The Pirate Bay, which had ultimately caught the attention of the site administrators. They then contacted Sos to arrange this promotion.

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