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About The IGF is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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Freeware Game Pick: Bumper Jumper (Logan Fieth)

August 22, 2012 8:00 PM | John Polson

Logan Fieth ditches his Perspective and The Fourth Wall puzzle platforming inclinations for a rather old school, arcade experience called Bumper Jumper for Windows. Fieth aimed to make a satisfying scoring system, something he says many arcade-style games currently lack.

Inspired by the likes of Qix, Geometry Wars, and Pixeljunk Eden, Bumper Jumper is a high-score "bounce-em-up" where players must color the circular arena entirely blue or orange to score points and earn cash to unlock new cosmetic items. Advanced players can switch color mid-flight to match the color of objects and smash through them. The white cube is also worth smashing since it erases the color from the walls. Players can expect new obstacles every 5 points accrued.

They Bleed Pixels on August 29th

August 22, 2012 6:00 PM | Cassandra Khaw

It's been a long journey but the end is finally near. Spooky Squid's gothic 'low-fi' beat 'em up finally has a release date. On August 29th 2012, interested parties will be able to pick up their very own copy of They Bleed Pixels for the relatively low price of $9.99. To help commemorate the upcoming release, developers Spooky Squid will be releasing eighteen They Bleed Pixels-centric wallpapers over the course of the next week.

Those interested in picking up the first three wallpapers should go here.

Blendo Games' Thirty Flights Of Loving Out Now On Steam

August 22, 2012 12:00 PM | Danny Cowan

Blendo Games has released the first-person short story Thirty Flights of Loving, a sequel to its acclaimed freeware title Gravity Bone.

Previously available as a reward for backers of the Idle Thumbs Kickstarter project, Thirty Flights of Loving is a brief (around half an hour long) tale involving "high-flying schemers, lovelorn criminals, and more stray kittens than you can shake a stick at." To reveal more would spoil the game's story, but it suffices to say that this one's worth your time, especially if you enjoyed Gravity Bone.

Thirty Flights of Loving is regularly priced at $4.99, but is available for $4.49 during its Steam launch week. You can also purchase a DRM-free copy via Blendo's website.

Trailer: Grimind (Paweł Mogiła)

August 22, 2012 10:00 AM | Danny Cowan

Pawel Mogila's Grimind has been shaping up quite nicely since we last saw it. The newly released trailer above showcases new scenes and puzzles featured in the game's current build.

Inspired by games like Limbo and Amnesia, Grimind is a puzzle-platformer with a creepy vibe and claustrophobic level design. Mogila notes that gameplay focuses on physics, and players are able to grab, drag, and throw objects in the game's environment in order to solve puzzles and ward off enemies.

A release date has not been announced, but Mogila hopes to launch Grimind for Windows, Mac, and Linux by December.

The Winners of the Freedom themed Game Zanga Game Jam

August 22, 2012 7:30 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

freedom game jam.pngHaving already taken a brief look at the incredibly interesting Game Zanga Arab game jam I thought you'd all want to find out who won the thing. Happily, the results are in and the games are both intriguing and playable in your browser:

First Prize: Freedom (Ahmed Majdoubi, Morocco)
Second Prize: Voice of Freedom (Betenjam, Egypt)
Third Prize: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Fleeing Mice (Abdullah Konash, Ahmad Al Haddad and Maan Al Ashqar, Saudi Arabia)

Best game in Amman venue: The People Want (Team Crown)
Best game in Cairo venue: Voice of Freedom (Betenjam)
Best game in Riyadh venue: Liberation (Osama Al Salman team)

Best Unity game: The People Want (Team Crown, Jordan)
Best Stencyl game: Protect Burma (Abdul Lateef Husni, Palestine)
Best Construct 2 game: Freedom (Ahmed Majdoubi, Morocco)

Most Innovative Game: Emerge (Salwan Hilali, Egypt)
Best Technical Achievement: Free Your Mind (Omar El Sayyed, Egypt)
Most Humorous Game: Harban (Osama Hussein, Salaheddine Basti and Chafik El Hadri, Morocco).
Best Newcomer: Escape from Bermuda (Raed Abdullah, Jordan)

Super Mario Bros gets demade and crammed into an Atari 2600

August 22, 2012 5:00 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

Super Mario Atari.pngKeeping in mind the fact that the Atari 2600 was originally designed as a machine that would mainly be able to play all sorts of Pong and Combat clones, seeing the iconic World 1-1 on the thing can be more than impressive. Not that I actually played the fantastic demo of this Super Mario Bros demake on a proper Atari 2600, but even an emulator can convey the sheer awesomeness of the experience. This is both a technical marvel and an excellent port of the traditional Super Mario gameplay to such an underpowered platform; the controls are excellent, the graphics recognizable, the enemies familiar and the music surprisingly decent. Even Mario can grow and shoot fireballs!

What's more, the demake is far from complete. You may now only be able to grab the aforementioned demo that includes world 1-1, but the game's dev hopes to eventually include another 15 levels! Oh, yes.

Release: Retro/Grade (24 Caret Games)

August 22, 2012 2:30 AM | John Polson

Retro/Grade is now available via the North American PlayStation Network for $9.99 and should release later today in European stores. Retro/Grade supports official guitar controllers or the standard DualShock, as players aim to score as low as possible in a reverse shmup. In addition to a solid campaign mode, the game boasts a challenge mode with 130 stages spanning a map filled with secret paths, warps, and rewards.

Retro/Grade is full of indie cameos, as well. Of its 11 unlockable ships, some boast the likenesses of Meat Boy, Minecraft, Octodad, and Go Home Dinosaurs.

Addressing the question most indie game fans ask, Matt Gilgenbach spoke to IndieGames about the possibility of a PC port. "We own Retro/Grade completely, so we can put it on whatever platforms make sense. I wouldn't say Steam or any other platform is an easy option since we have over half a million lines of code tailored to squeezing every ounce of performance out of the PS3, so porting is a big task."

Retro/Grade will be the first free title in the Europe-only PlayStation Plus Presents program. According to Gilgenbach, "As long as you are a Plus member and download it for free during [the] 8 weeks, the game is yours unless you stop being a member." Sony has not announced any PlayStation Plus Presents plans for North America so far.

Split Community: Kongregate to Host Contest for Ludum Dare

August 21, 2012 9:30 PM | John Polson

ludum dare 24.gifThe indie dev community appears split over Kongregate's new contest which attaches a monetary prize to this weekend's Ludum Dare 48- and 72-hour competitions. Kongregate's prizes total $2,400 for the three games which are the highest voted on their service. From the judging rules, they are "100% popularity based on the average five-star user rating on as of 11:59:59 p.m. PT on September 28, 2012."

Ludum Dare organizer Mike Kasprzak clarified that the two events should be seen as separate. "It's not sponsorship. We aren't getting a dime."

Organizer Phil Hassey said Kongregate approached them a while back. Hassey responded, "We would be totally cool with you creating a post on telling the Flash devs that 'Hey, put your Ludum Dare game on Kongregate, and we'll do a community competition' or whatever. While we don't offer prizes as part of Ludum Dare, we have no problem with encouraging people to seek out prizes as part of separate but related competitions."

Hassey explained that organizers have encouraged entrants to take their games to the next level. Several of them have gone on to win prizes in the IGF and other competitions.

Ludum Dare's rules have not changed this competition, but the Kongregate contest asks submissions to conform to stricter standards. Users must integrate Kongregate Statistics API and heed a laundry list of restrictions.

Pixel Ferrets Show Off Combat Walkthrough For Secrets of Grindea

August 21, 2012 4:00 PM | Cassandra Khaw

For those who missed the memo, Secrets of Grindea is an action-RPG with a simple premise, a fabulous look and four player co-op support. Your goal in this game is simple: you want to be the owner of the biggest collection of stuff imaginable. The latest video from Pixel Ferrets is a showcase of their combat system. Asides from the basics, the video shows off some of the skills and the differences between them, including chainable specials and perfect guard bonuses.

Secrets of Grindea is scheduled for release early 2013 or late 2012 for the PC. Want to know more? Check out their website here.

Freeware Game Pick: Getaway to Nowhere (Sugar Pill Studios)

August 21, 2012 2:00 PM | John Polson

getaway to nowhere.jpgGetaway to Nowhere is for top-down thrill driving and memory retaining fans. While avoiding the cops, players race in two laps: the first teaches players a turn, and the second lap tests players' memory. The game expands the track with this repeated formula.

Upon reflection, a driving game with Simon similarities seems a practical way to learn the road. Professional drivers practice countless times on simulators, learning every bump and turn before a big race. Getaway to Nowhere breaks it down so players can commit to memory one turn at a time.

Screenshot and DL link after the jump:

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