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Recession Bundle Collects Six Freeware Games, Bonuses For Donators

July 6, 2012 12:00 PM | Danny Cowan

Bundle aggregate site Indie Game Bundles has launched an indie game collection of its own featuring six freeware titles, along with two commercial releases for donators.

The Recession Bundle includes Mighty Jill Off (Auntie Pixelante), Action Fist (TeknoPants), Vidiot Game (GZ Storm), The Cat and The Coup (Peter Brinson and Kurosh ValaNejad), Dubloon (Banov), and Neverball (Robert Kooima and others). All of these games are freeware, and are available for download from the bundle's website regardless of whether you donate or not.

Choose to donate any amount above $1, however, and you'll also receive downloadable copies of Eric Billingsley's ambient strategy title Star-Twine and Retro Souls' platformer 8-Bit Night. Both titles are regularly priced at $15, collectively.

80 percent of the bundle's revenue will go toward its eight featured developers. 10 percent will cover Indie Game Bundles' hosting costs, while the remaining 10 percent will be donated to the SOS Children's Village Croatia charity.

Mojang's Scrolls Hits Alpha Stage

July 6, 2012 10:00 AM | Danny Cowan


Mojang's Minecraft follow-up Scrolls is now in alpha testing, and invite codes for the collectible card-battling RPG are now being distributed via e-mail.

The alpha version of Scrolls includes deck-building functionality, a single-player battle against an AI-controlled opponent, and a multiplayer mode with random matchmaking.

"Scrolls is still missing a lot of features and content that we plan on implementing over the upcoming months," Mojang's Jakob Porser warns. "Also keep in mind that we probably will be changing many of the current scrolls in the game during this time."

If you applied for alpha testing but haven't yet received an invitation, don't lose hope; Mojang's Daniel Frisk assures that alpha access is growing slowly. Keep an eye on your e-mail! What's more, MineCon 2011 attendees get the entire game for free!

Interview: Andrew Plotkin on Interactive Fiction

July 6, 2012 7:30 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

zarf.pngAndrew Plotkin, Zarf if you prefer, has been one of the central figures in interactive fiction for over 10 years and, well, we love him for that and owe him hours of (freeware and a times open-source) quality entertainment. Here's what the game-designer, writer, programmer told IndieGames:

Would you mind introducing yourself to those gamers that aren't following the interactive fiction communtity?

I'm a guy who played the Infocom games as a kid. And the Scott Adams games. And the original mainframe _Adventure_, before that, when my father brought me into the office one day... it seems to have left an impression.

I messed around building simple BASIC adventure games as a teenager; in college, I thought about ways to design my own IF compiler. A few years later, I realized I didn't *have* to design one; other people had already done that. In 1995, inspired by the then-brand-new Interactive Fiction Competition, I tried building a small evocative game about being caught in a thunderstorm. It wound up a competition winner, and I went on from there.

I've written a whole stack of games at this point, and they're well-enough regarded to make me an IF Big Shot. For what that's worth. But I've spent as much time -- maybe more time -- working on IF tools and infrastructure. In the late 90s I started designing a 32-bit IF virtual machine, to replace Infocom's aging Z-machine engine. That's well-accepted at this point. I've also worked on several interpreter apps, I've contributed to the Inform compiler, and I help maintain the IF Archive site.

Demo: Gnomoria (Robotronic Games)

July 6, 2012 5:30 AM | Konstantinos Dimopoulos / Gnome

gnomoria.pngAlways felt like getting into Dwarf Fortress but couldn't find the free time to do so? Well, worry not. Gnomoria is a game that has been deeply influenced by Dwarf Fortress, feels quite a bit like it and is both simpler to get into and easier on the eye, but please let us not get into the aesthetics of the ASCII character set.

Gnomoria is a sandbox village management game played on a procedurally generated landscape waiting to be mined, cultivated and generally (thoroughly too) exploited by gnomes, not dwarfs. Everything is depicted in lovely pixel-art and accompanied by a suitably retro soundtrack.

You can see whether the UI is to your liking and whether the orders you are issuing make sense by downloading the game's early demo for your Windows machine. Oh, and do keep in mind that losing is fun. As is getting to grips with all those choices and options. Should you enjoy the demo, you can always pre-order the full game at a discounted price via Desura.

UPDATED: LA-MULANA Returns to PC July 13 with Mods, Free DLC

July 6, 2012 3:21 AM | John Polson

LA-MULANA's remastered (WiiWare) version is finally coming to Windows in English and Japanese on July 13 for $14.99 thanks to a partnership with Playism, NIGORO has posted on its official website. LA-MULANA includes the Hell Temple DLC for free and several moddable features.

Playism is a Japan-basesd, online game distributor that has successfully localized several hit indie games into Japanese, such as Machinarium, Inside a Star-Filled Sky, and Dear Esther.

LA-MULANA's release marks the beginning of the new website: Playism-Games. Playism is giving away free copies of the LA-MULANA soundtrack to a limited number of users who register their email. The countdown on this site correlates with the release date listed on the LA-MULANA blog, which is July 13.

In the meantime, brush up on your skills with the translated, original LA-MULANA for free.

No Jesus. No Dinosaurs. Just Rymdkapsel.

July 6, 2012 1:00 AM | John Polson

Jesus vs. Dinosaurs and glorg developer grapefrukt revealed his next project for iOS, Android, and Flash-friendly browsers: rymdkapsel (Swedish for "space shuttle"). The game involves building and maintaining a space station. The player needs to expand the station to find more resources and technology while keeping it defended.

Martin Jonasson (the fleshy version of grapefrukt) somewhat lamented that "there will be neither Jesus nor dinosaurs in the game." However, he posits that rymdkapsel is "a new take on the classic Settlers meets Dungeon Keeper meets Tower Defense Hipster-RTS."

After the jump is a clear photo of rymdkapsel. Those people who can make a Flash dev's dream come true should know the game is still looking for sponsorship love.

Trailer: The Trench (Gallica Game Studio Team)

July 5, 2012 6:27 PM | Cassandra Khaw

You can call me a pansy if you like but I'm not normally a big fan of war games. However, I think I may make an exception for The Trench. Set on a single map and focused on two trenches, The Trench is the story of the French and the Germans. 50% FPS and 50% RPG, the game takes place 3 days before the German assault. Your mission? To win. There's a wealth of things you're going to be called upon to do, it seems. You'll have to raid trenches, manage air support, field artillery, make use of the game's stealth infiltration system and even deal with dynamic changes to the environment. To borrow a description from Techzwn, it sounds positively intense.

Official site here.

[Source: Techzwn]

Kayin Interview- I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden and Brave Earth Prologue

July 5, 2012 2:00 PM | John Polson

brave earth prologue title.png

Delectably painful platformer I Wanna Be the Guy developer Michael O'Reilly (Kayin) has two new titles planned this year: a follow up to the pain in the form of I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden and the original Castlevania 3-inspired Brave Earth Prologue.

I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden will first make a televised appearance this evening. Anyone who's played the original knows the amount of rage this tricky platformer can induce, making for an enjoyable show. Kayin revealed that it won't be too long for the rest of the world to play the game for free, too.

As for Brave Earth Prologue, it won't be free. Players can expect it after the first episode of Gaiden, though. With all-original content, the wait and price-point should be worth it.

Here, Kayin discusses both games and answers those questions raised since we first announced Gaiden. He also shares why he thinks so many developers avoid anything more demanding than 8-bit games.

Release: Beware Planet Earth (Lightmare Studio)

July 5, 2012 12:00 PM | Danny Cowan

Lightmare Studio makes its debut this week with the launch of Beware Planet Earth, an alien abduction-themed tower defense game for Windows.

Beware Planet Earth challenges players to protect their cattle herd from waves of cow-kidnapping aliens throughout 46 included levels. In addition to an arsenal of turrets and other weaponry, players can also attack the aliens directly with a limited-use zapper gun, adding an action element to the strategy-oriented proceedings.

Beware Planet Earth is priced at 9.99 € ($12.50). A free demo version is also available.

Kickstarter Projects: SanJiten (Rob Howland)

July 5, 2012 10:00 AM | Danny Cowan

Developer Rob Howland pitches an interesting way to learn new languages with SanJiten, a proposed PC title that seeks funding via Kickstarter.

Billed as "an interactive 3D Language Learning Video Game," SanJiten teaches players vocabulary words with interactive environments and minigames. The debut release will support Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and English, and is set to launch in September.

There's also a free demo version...or there was, anyway, as the developer's website is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Until it returns, a gameplay video will have to suffice.

The project's funding goal is set at $12,000. Backers who pledge $10 or more will receive the full version of the game upon its release, while higher pledges are eligible for rewards including art prints, t-shirts, and access to future language packs.

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