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1. Dirty Split

Dirty Split is a point and click adventure game in the style of LucasArts' Monkey Island series, featuring gorgeous artwork, a catchy soundtrack, professional voice acting and decent writing. Take control of a private investigator named Baxter as you attempt to solve a criminal case, which will require trips between three different cities in order to gather new clues and evidence.

"Dirty Split is kind of a test balloon for me, a debut project to see what could be done. And in order to not lose myself in perfectionism, I tried to follow a rapid development paradigm: Come up with a story, puzzles, characters and locations in under a week and then start working until it's finished, which (including voice acting) took about 7 months.

Anyway, the positive side effect is that so many people really enjoy it who usually don't touch adventure games, or even games in general. And I can say that I achieved my personal goals: To learn something from the development, to have fun along the way, to let others have fun, and to be better equipped for more ambitious projects." - Uwe Sittig

Name: Dirty Split
Developer: Uwe Sittig
Platform: Windows
Size: 182 MB
Walkthrough: Available


high quality video

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