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18. DayMare Town 2

DayMare Town 2 is the sequel to the similarly-titled adventure game by Mateusz Skutnik, developer of the Submachine and Covert Front series. This episode relies a little more on item collection, as players would require a hefty amount of coins to purchase key objects from some of the inhabitants of the city.

"DayMare Town 2 was a total improvisation on my side. When drawing the first few screens I had no idea where will I end it or what will happen afterwards. The story of the game was being made up in real time during the process of drawing following locations. That way I could keep my head open to all possible solutions or puzzles or characters - I like to keep this particular series as a free fall of thought drawn directly when imagined. Empty page that's being filled in time.

When about 3/4 of the game was already finished, that's when I made up the balloon ending and started leading all the plot strings towards it." - Mateusz

Name: DayMare Town 2
Developer: Mateusz Skutnik
Platform: Browser
Also by this developer: The Fog Fall, Submachine series


high quality video

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