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Interview: Clysm (Seiklus)

DECEMBER 14, 2007 - Article by Eden Bradfield

An abridged interview of Clysm, author of Seiklus.

Is there a story to Avaus, your new game? You've said it's a "rescue game", but is it as minimalist as Seiklus?

Yes, it will have quite a bit more story than Seiklus. I haven't decided exactly how much yet, and I still have to make a few final decisions about which way I will take the story.

How're you planning to communicate the story?

There will be actual text. Probably in the form of journal entries. But it will not be necessary to read any of it to play the game.

Are you sure gamers are going to be able to handle this "text" business?

There are a lot of things about this game that may or may not be well-received by those who happen to try it out. It might turn out to be one of those games that's more fun to work on than to play, such as the little life simulators I made.

What sort of features are you talking about there?

Well, most of the things I'm talking about are kind of secret. :) I mean, I want the game to have the quality I mentioned, that you don't really know what to expect. But I realize that in saying that I'm probably making it sound like something more interesting than it really is.

In screenshots that you posted on your rarely updated Eo blog, the graphical style had an odd 3D-ish look to it in parts.

The look wasn't really finalized, and it will probably change unless I get too lazy.

What'd you think of Knytt, a game that was partially inspired by Seiklus?

I liked Knytt, but never finished the game. I was pretty impressed with Knytt Stories, however, and I played through all of Nifflas's levels and several by other people.

What was better about Knytt Stories?

Maybe I just have a short attention span. I guess I found the atmosphere more varied, and I liked the music.

What music are you listening to these days anyway?

A lot of darkwave and chiptunes, mostly.


That's a term I learned a few years ago that seems to include a lot of what I like. Some of my favorite music groups include Deine Lakaien, VNV Nation, and others that are sort of in the same general category as Depeche Mode. It's a pretty big category, though.

Why do you like Mr. Kubus' games?

I guess because games by Mr. Kubus (the somewhat infamous creator of the Johnny games) are different from everyone else's games. I don't really know. I guess he's someone who realizes that you can do whatever you want when you create independent games. They don't have to look or play like any other games, and it doesn't even matter whether anyone likes them.

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