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Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks Walkthrough

MAY 24, 2010

Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks can be downloaded from here.

Note: Remember to save regularly and in multiple slots. You'll probably need them.


Choose the 'I don't wanna get HARD at all!' difficulty setting (the solution below for the transputter puzzle won't work if you had selected a different difficulty setting).

After the cutscene, speak to Lt. Scatman (right side of the screen).

Exhaust all conversation options until Spunk decides to talk to Lt. Scatman alone.

After the conversation, move towards the red door to open it.

Get inside the lift, and interact with the lift controls.

Transputter Room

Save. Get as close as you can to the Circuitry Panel of the Transporter Controls.

Slug the top left part of the Circuitry Panel to open it.

Click on the Change Axis button (blue) at the top of the screen to switch to the X-Axis.

Move the circuitry tiles around until it matches the diagram below.

Click on the Run Diagnostic button (yellow).

Click on the Change Axis button (blue) to switch to the Y-Axis.

Move the circuitry tiles around until it matches the diagram below.

Click on the Run Diagnostic button (yellow).

Click on the Change Axis button (blue) to switch to the Z-Axis.

Move the circuitry tiles around until it matches the diagram below.

Now press the Commit Change button (green).

You'll know you've solved the puzzle if Captain Hardin mentions that he heard a heartbeat coming from the machine.

Interact with the Transporter Controls and Spunk will teleport the both of you down to the planet Fallux V.

Fallux V

Move towards the bottom of the screen to view the map.

There's a Village on the right side of the screen, and just before it, a Collapsed Bridge. Head there.

Collapsed Bridge

Right-click on the WristCom in your inventory, click on the use communicator button, the choose the call Ramsey option.

Two other crewmembers will join you, forming a party of four.

Click on Order Spunk in your inventory, then select the Statue to scan it for information.

Deselect 'Order Spunk' by right-clicking. Select Sputa Stunner from your inventory, then use it on the Statue.

Cross the bridge and exit right. Head to the Village.


Keep heading right until you are surrounded (you may talk to the wounded man as well).

You can chat with Depantroclus (the leader) as much as you like, but you'll have to surrender eventually.

Select the (Cry Surrender!) option, and you'll be taken to the arena.


Once the bear-like creature appears, choose the (INSULT RELIGION) option.


Depantroclus will throw your pants near where you stand. Interact with your pants to pick it up.

Do the same with the Dirk on the floor.

Left-click on the Dirk and use it on the Impressive Codpiece to the right to acquire it.

Now grab some stones near Ramsey's right foot by interacting with them.

Click on interact, select stones, then the codpiece to make a sling out of it.

Interact with your pants to get all of your items out of it, including the Sputa Stunner.

Use the codpiece on both yellow gongs to deafen the bear-like creature, then quickly use the sputa stunner on it.

After the cutscene, interact with the prietess to release her, then ask her to take your team to the temple.

At the map, click on the temple to get there.


Use the path to get the inside of the temple.

Order Spunk to examine the blue crystal that the statue is holding up, and a secret panel will open.

Get Spunk to examine the ancient records next to the secret panel for some tips on solving the next puzzle.

The order of the planet is as follows (from the largest ring to the smallest) : Purple, Green, White, Red, Yellow.

If you get it right, the blue crystal will start to glow.

After the cutscene, head back outside and to the map. Go to the Ruins on the right side of the screen.


Cross the red plank and try to enter the opening. Choose Laya (the priestess) to go first.

After the cutscene, move past the head of the Titan and interact with the console marked as Computer Cycle A.

You need to get the Dampening Field (purple, F) to full power. You'll have to raise and lower gauges until the fifth gauge is at maximum capacity. This will deactive the Gaylik on the right.

Now get as close as you can to the upload terminal on the right side of the screen and interact with it.

First take out the evil-looking chip at the bottom of the screen.

Now use the buttons to make the circuit grid match the diagram below. Once you're done with that, leave the terminal.

Interact with the cables just next to the upload terminal.

Interact with the upload terminal again and rotate the first grid on the top left of the screen to interrupt the Gaylik's programming.

Well done, you've won the game. Different endings will be shown depending on your choices and decisions during the conversation with the Titan.

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