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Trailer: Inemeri: A Familiar World (November Software)

February 28, 2011 2:30 PM | Michael Rose

Inemeri: A Familiar World is the first game from new indie start-up November Software. A teaser trailer for the game has just been released (shown above), but most of the details regarding the game are being kept secret for now.

All we know is the Inemeri will combine "next-gen quality with casual social gameplay", along with the following blurb:

"Regaining consciousness in an eerie village on the verge of collapse, you sense a storm looming in the distance. How you got here is unknown, but you feel compelled to escape before it is too late. Explore this mysterious world with the help of your friends and create your own epic tale."

The game will be available to play for free in your web browser or on iPhone/iPad, and will be released this summer.

iPhone Game Pick: Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator (Robox Studios)

February 28, 2011 10:00 AM | Michael Rose

A mother has accidentally left her pram at the train station, along with her baby in it. In Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator, the creepy top-hat wearing Mr. Grimm wants to get his hands on that pram, and your task is to tilt your iPhone to move the pram out of harm's way.

Mr. Grimm isn't the only baddie to deal with though, as you'll need to flip both the pram and baby into the air over obstacles. The puzzles are great, the atmosphere and personality are lovely, and there are ten worlds to play through - all for $0.99. B-B-Baaargain!

Make sure you grab this from the App Store.

iPhone Game Pick: The Blocks Cometh (Halfbot)

February 27, 2011 7:25 PM | Michael Rose

The Blocks Cometh is a bit like that nightmare where you're in a game of Tetris, and all the blocks are falling down to crush you, and you need to clamber up them and make sure not to get trapped. Anyone? Just me? Oh well.

Blockman has some skills up his sleeve, from double jumping to reach great heights, and his trusty laser gun for tight situations. He can also grind and wall jump off the side of blocks - even blocks that are still falling. If he just splatted or falls too far off the bottom of the screen, then it's all over.

There are online high scoreboards via OpenFeint, extra characters will different abilities, and some pretty interesting achievements to bag that put restrictions on how you play the game - for example, getting the 'climb 150m without using your weapon' is entertaining and frustrating in equal measure, thanks to the randomness of the drops.

The Blocks Cometh is for iPhone and iPad and will set you back $1.99 from the App Store. There's also a free browser version to try out, although it doesn't feel as tight.

Trailer: Superbrothers - Sword & Sworcery EP (Capybara)

February 26, 2011 5:00 AM | Tim W.

Last year's IGF Mobile Achievement in Art award winner Sword & Sorcery had a new teaser trailer posted for it yesterday, and the game looks to be the killer showcase app to own for both the old and new iPad set to be unveiled at GDC next week. The developers have mentioned that Superbrothers - Sword & Sworcery EP is close to being done, and they're even hinting that it could be released sometime as early as before the end of next month.

Those who don't own an iPad, no worries. Capybara Games and Craig 'Superbrothers' Adams are also prepping their collaborative project for the iPhone and iPod Touch, although playing it on the iPad's large display is really the only way to experience this game in all of its pixelated glory.

Nathan Vella (president of Capybara) and co. will be at GDC 2011 to demonstrate Sword & Sorcery to press and attendees, so expect to hear more news about the game in a couple of days' time from now.

SpikeDislike is Free for Today Only

February 23, 2011 10:00 AM | Tim W.

It's James 'Jayenkai' Gamble's birthday today, and to celebrate this occasion he's giving away his iOS game SpikeDislike as a free gift for the next twenty-four hours or so. SpikeDislike is one of those unassuming App Store releases that won't wow you with its graphics, but give it a try and you'll find that the game is surprisingly addictive and difficult to put down.

The iOS version features eight interchangeable themes (one from Retro Remakes curator Rob Fearon), three difficulty settings, and a random path generator that'll provide a fresh new challenge every time you play. Originally priced at $0.99, you can grab it now for free from the App Store.

iPhone Game Pick: Tiny Wings (Andreas Illiger)

February 22, 2011 4:33 PM | Michael Rose

Tiny Wings is a cute one-button game released this week for iPhone and iPad. The idea is to make your little bird soar as high as possible by dipping in and out of the hilly landscape.

There are tasks to fulful, glowing balls of sunshine to gather, and new islands to find, but if the night time catches up with you, it's all over. How about this for a twist - the graphics are procedurally generated, so that every day the game will look different. Pretty neat!

The game is available to buy from the App Store for $0.99.

Official Minecraft iOS Edition Coming Later This Year

February 21, 2011 1:16 PM | Michael Rose

I visited the Mojang offices a few days ago, seeking secrets, wealth and free stuff. Wealth mainly. Of those secrets divulged, I can reveal one today - an official iPhone and iPad version of Minecraft is currently in the works.

As I've reported over on sister site Gamasutra, the port is being handled by Aron Neiminen, a new addition to the Mojang squad, and is due for release sometime later this year. The touch-screen version won't receive all of the same updates as the PC and Mac editions, but rather will get the updates that "make sense", according to Notch aka Markus Persson.

There'll be more coming over the next couple of weeks from my trip to Sweden, so make sure you watch out for it.

Karoshi Now Available For iPhone, iPad and Android

February 20, 2011 7:54 PM | Michael Rose

Jesse Venbrux's classic suicide-em-up Karoshi is now available in handheld form, for your iThings and Android.

There are 50 levels to play through, with increasingly difficult puzzles to overcome that really force you to think outside the box. You'd think killing yourself would be easy, but apparently not! A Karoshi Ware mini game also comes packed with the main puzzles.

The game is available on iPhone and iPad for $0.99, and $1.99 for Android. If you've still not tried the original PC versions, check out Tim's Jesse Venbrux feature.

Trailer: Forget-Me-Not (Nyarlu Labs)

February 19, 2011 11:41 AM | Michael Rose

Forget-Me-Not is like Pacman, if Pacman had randomly generated mazes and enemies blowing the crap out of everything.

Currently in development for iPhone and iPad from the dev who brought us Magnetic Shaving Derby, the game is inspired by C64 title Crossroads, and can be played either by one or two players. If you fire bullets off the side of the screen, they will loop round infinitely until something finally gets in the way - and yes, you can hit and kill yourself.

Looking very lovely indeed. No word yet on when it's due for release, but you can read over on the Nyarlu Labs blog for more info.

iPhone Game Pick: Dirt (Broken Kings)

February 18, 2011 12:00 PM | Tim W.

Dirt is a procedurally-generated exploration game in which you play as a skeletal cat trapped inside a network of caves with only a pickaxe in hand to dig at the walls and floors. Players can move in any of the four directions available to them, and if they want to dig upwards all they have to do is turn their iDevice upside down to change the gravity inside the room.

While trying to discover the reason you are stuck underground, you'll come across a variety of coloured gems to collect in random cave openings and narrow passages. The pause screen contains a summary of the various gems you have picked up, and it also displays the number of gems required to uncover the next part of the story.

It takes about an hour to play through the entire game, although you can continue wandering around the infinite cavern even after the credits have rolled. Dirt is available to purchase from the App Store for only $0.99.

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