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About The IGF is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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Indie Game Links: Dare to Dream

December 22, 2011 3:00 PM | John Polson

nyannyanstack2.jpgToday's collection of independent game links includes more Ludum Dare links, indie game news, and reviews from around the 'net. (image source)

Starfruit Games: play 'Nyan Nyan Stack'
"Over the weekend I worked on a game for Ludumdare 22 on the theme of 'Alone'. The original upload had some critical bugs, but I've fixed that now and made it available on Mac and browser too."

Bryce Neal's Ludum Dare Entry: Take care of the trees
"It's sort of like a short and sweet nugget of a story-driven moody rogue-like [with two endings]. I think it comes off pretty polished for a 48 hour game. [It's rouge-like] because of the visual presentation: no animation, tile-based, flat front-on porfolio shots of characters, using lexiconic artwork rather than realistic artwork."

Chevy Ray: Ludum Dare 22 - FlashPunk Roundup!
"Here's a roundup of some of the FlashPunk games made in only 48 hours over last weekend. If you've never taken part in Ludum Dare before, and are interested in developing games, all the source code for these games is available to you!"

Gnome's Lair: A Bagfull of Wrong for Free!
"Just follow this link to the Bagfull of Wrong and grab some of the best arena shooters ever accompanied by a fantastically weird take on Pac-Man (only with pretty colours)."

Freidrich Hanisch's Ludum Dare Entry: Soliloquy
"In this game you are split. You are one person, alone in a lifeless world - but you have two souls, which have to work together."

TIG Tunes: Big Giant Christmas EP Review
"Yesterday (Dec 20th 2011) Big Giant Circles (aka Jimmy Hinson) release an EP called the Big Giant Christmas EP. It's all about Xmas tunes that have been converted into chip-tune/fakebit tossed into modern synths with the usual classic instruments for your listening pleasure."

ToastSoft: XOP Ultra Bundle
"The XOP Ultra Bundle is a collection of two awesome shoot-em-ups, XOP Ultra and XOP Black Ultra...As a bonus, you'll also get the soundtracks to both games, as well as two digital artbooks with selections of the original hand-drawn art used in the games, and never before seen art and enemy designs!"

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Dungeon Defenders Delves DLC (For Free)
"[DLC] includes four new skins for the Apprentice, Monk, Squire and Huntress, new 'holiday-themed weapons' and a 'mission where you must deliver Christmas presents to random locations and defend them, ending in an epic boss fight with the evil Mega Snowman!'"

Organ Trail: Director's Cut Kickstarted, Nearly Fully Funded

December 22, 2011 12:00 PM | Danny Cowan

The Men Who Wear Many Hats have launched a Kickstarter fund to support the development of Organ Trail: Director's Cut, an upgraded iOS, PC, and Mac version of the pair's hit Flash game Organ Trail.

Organ Trail is a zombiefied take on the Apple II educational classic The Oregon Trail. The differences are fairly straightforward -- the covered wagon is replaced with a station wagon, searching for gasoline replaces the need to hunt animals, and so on. Players also have the option of killing off their own party members if necessary, or as their whims dictate.

Project backers are eligible for multiple pledge perks, ranging from postcards to digital preorders to personalized in-game random encounters. As of this writing, the project is well on its way to achieving its $3,000 funding goal, earning over $2,000 in just three days.

Indie Game Links: No More Asking Nicely

December 21, 2011 3:30 PM | John Polson

humble-introversion-bundle3.jpgToday's collection of independent game links includes more indie game news, interviews, and reviews from around the 'net. (image source)

Humble Bundle Blog: $1 Min. Price For Getting Steam Keys
"[W]e've noticed that a number of un-humble users are buying lots of Humble Indie Bundle 4's for one penny, and then using their Steam codes to 'legitimize' automated Steam accounts in order to increase their odds of winning prizes in Valve's current raffle promotion."

Siliconera: Sound Shapes Is Shuhei Yoshida's Vita Game Of Choice
"Yoshida says that, personally, he's most excited about seeing smaller developers working on the device, pointing out Sound Shapes as his Vita game of choice."

thatgamecompany blog: Kellee Santiago Interviewed on "State of Play"
"'State of Play' is a new videogames interview show that brings you real, in-depth, and personal interviews with the gaming industry's most interesting people. And they kicked off their series with a 3-part interview with co-Founder Kellee Santiago!"

Jay Is Games: Anaksha: Dark Angel
"Anaksha: Dark Angel is a sniping simulation adventure game by Arif Majothi, and its got atmosphere as thick as blood."

Indie Games Channel: Trine 2 Review
"While Trine 2 may falter with its enemy encounters, it certainly merits checking out. Intelligent puzzle designs offer plenty of rewarding play and its breathtaking visuals make it a trophy game for anyone that owns a high-spec PC."

True PC Gaming: New Kids On The Block: Epic Inventor Interview
"Epic Inventor was inspired by Terraria and that's something I've always been very up front about." IndieCity halfway to 100 game target
"Blitz Game Studios owned site is halfway to its latest Developer Challenge target, asking developers to submit 100 games to the site's store. If the target is reached by December 31 then the revenue structure offered to developers submitting titles will change, rising to 90 per cent for games with integrated achievements, or 80 per cent without."

Manic Shooter/Collect-'Em-Up Stay Alive Hits iOS, Android

December 21, 2011 12:00 PM | Danny Cowan

Yet another promising title joins the App Store's seemingly endless supply of autoscrolling action games, as Drummer Games has released Stay Alive, a frantic, space-themed take on the genre. An Android version is also available.

Stay Alive challenges players to navigate an obstacle-filled, autoscrolling space sector while fending off enemy craft and...well, staying alive. @shmups describes it as being "like Hypership out of Control in a ball pit," which is about as apt a description as you'll find anywhere.

Like contemporary titles such as Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride, Stay Alive allows players to upgrade the ship with extra shielding and new weapons using orbs collected during previous attempts, which adds a satisfying sense of progression to the simple premise. The iOS version of Stay Alive is priced at 99 cents; the Android edition is currently free, with an identical donation version available for $1.08.

[via Joystiq]

Revisiting Vectorpark's Windosill: iPad Release and Cross-platform Sale

December 21, 2011 3:00 AM | John Polson

Patrick Smith of Vectorpark has brought the awe-inspiring, artistic puzzler Windosill to iPad. The goal of each puzzle is to discover a cube to pass through the door. To find the cube, you must cause some whimsical chain of events within the background.

The wonderful art like the above image fills the 10 puzzles and the ending. You can choose which puzzles to skip to after beating them, in case you want to impress your friends with a particular one. The iPad version also contains a sketchbook of 20 drawings for those curious about its early designs.

The developer shares that what was originally a Flash game has been rewritten in Objective-C for iPad. The end result is really a work of interactive art, where each puzzle lends itself well to touch-based exploration. I have seldom had this kind of wonderful, albeit brief, experience on a touch device, which adds to the recommendation Windosill earned two years ago on IndieGames.

Windosill is now on sale on iTunes for $0.99 USD. And those Windows and Mac owners who don't have an iPad can either spend 3 cents more and buy Windosill on Steam or unlock the full browser-based version for a penny or more. Give the first few stages a try for free online to see if it catches your interest.

[Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the extra sales tip.]

iOS RPG Ash Gets Major Update, Full Re-Skin

December 20, 2011 12:00 PM | Danny Cowan


SRRN Games has updated its retro-styled iOS RPG Ash with all-new artwork, along with a selection of new gameplay tweaks and improvements.

Ash previously used RPG Maker artwork licensed from Enterbrain, though the game otherwise featured original code and sound design. The new artwork makes the game an entirely original production. The update also fixes bugs, adds support for screen rotation, and lowers the random encounter rate, in response to customer feedback.

Ash is regularly priced at $4.99, but is currently on sale for 99 cents.

Jamin' With Clay: Clay Jam

December 20, 2011 4:00 AM | Lewie Procter

Following in the footsteps of the likes of The Neverhood & ClayFighter, here comes a delightful looking claymation arcade game for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Here's a first look at Clay Jam, from Brighton based Fat Pebble, and it's a real treat.

It's a game all about dodging the big baddies and squashing the small ones. Simple stuff, but there's plenty of charm on display here, and it's a wonderful graphical technique that's always nice to see being used well.

It's due out in February next year, and you can find out more about Clay Jam and their other games over at

Enviro-Bear Creator Debuts Realistic Summer Sports Simulator For iOS

December 19, 2011 10:00 PM | Danny Cowan

Justin Smith, creator of the premier bear-driving-a-car simulator Enviro-Bear 2000, has applied his unique brand of realism to the olympic sports genre in his latest iOS release, Realistic Summer Sports Simulator.

RSSS includes 14 events, many of which have previously been featured in classic button-mashers like Konami's Track and Field and Epyx's Summer Games. As you can see in the trailer above, though, the challenges aren't as straightforward as the initially seem, thanks to unusual control schemes and unexpected physics-based wackiness.

Basically, it's what QWOP would be if it was released for the Commodore 64. Nice! Realistic Summer Sports Simulator is priced at 99 cents, and is available as a universal download for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Indie Game Links: One Nation, IndieVisible

December 19, 2011 3:00 PM | John Polson

platformines_proto_screen03.jpgToday's collection of independent game links includes more indie game news, interviews, and developer announcements from around the 'net. (image source)

99 Coins - Episode 3 - #indieVisibility Awards
"We interviewed as many of the winners as we could, and asked them about their games and their awards (the prestigious golden teabag!)."

Indie Game Magazine: 'Platformines' is going to warp your mind
"[Magiko Gaming's] Platformines is a pretty open, platforming adventure type of game that will entice any indie game lover in with its Minecraft-like mining and crafting from a Terraria perspective."

Joystiq: Indie Game: The Movie showing at SXSW, creators hosting panel
"[T]he film will have a showing at the SXSW ScreenBurn Arcade (March 9 - 11) and SXSW Film (March 9 - 17) next year (clap, clap, clap, clap) deep in the heart of Austin, Texas."

Quote Unquote: The Last and Final Word: Alillm (Alistair Maunder)
"First impressions might give you a clue that [he] has been quite strongly influenced by the likes of cactus, Terry Cavanagh and Loren Schmidt. His games include the likes of 41st Reality, Hash and MercX."

11 Bit Studios: Anomaly Warzone Earth Coming to XBLA Spring 2012
"Anomaly is easily accessible and, so-to-speak, user-friendly strategy on console. In fact, it was natively designed to play with the gamepad. The other part of the news, is that it'll bring SIX brand new Tactical Trials levels exclusive to Xbox 360."

Hempuli's Blog: Masjin has a level editor now!
The ominously numbered archive brings a level editor to his free game Masjin.

Pixel Prospector: Alter Ego
"Alter Ego is a clever retro styled single screen puzzle platformer with an interesting swapping mechanic. You control a blueish little guy and his phantom alter ego (that moves in a mirrored fashion) at the same time."

The Indie DB: Q.U.B.E. is released
"Q.U.B.E. (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion) is a first-person puzzle game that challenges players to navigate each level by manipulating coloured cubes that surround them."

Joystiq: The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Battle Group
"Battle Group is a tactical/action modern Navy game for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Players command multiple warships drawn from the navies of the world and lead them into seaborne combat viewed from a top-down perspective."

Stencyl Lets You Make iOS and Flash Games the Easy Way

December 18, 2011 2:12 PM | Cassandra Khaw

Stencyl was first announced some time back in January 2007. Since then, it appears to have gotten progressively more polished. More importantly, it looks as though budding developers will not only be able to export to Flash but also to the App Store with relative ease. In the press release we received, the makers hinted that we will probably soon see the ability to export to HTML5 and Android.

For those new to the world of development, Stencyl may be an ideal place to start. Here, coding is a vestigial problem - it seems as though you'll be able to use a 'block-snapping' interface reminiscent of the MIT Scratch project. It also apparently allows for seamless testing, something that I'm extremely curious about. In fact, it has me curious enough to go download the builder and check it out right now. You might also want to consider doing the same as the free version appears to be fairly comprehensive.

You can check out more details here.
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