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Edge Launching on PC and Mac Next Month

July 29, 2011 8:00 PM | Tim W.

Mobigame's iPhone puzzler Edge will be out for the PC and Mac soon, thanks to a deal signed with the Netherland-based publishing company Two Tribes. The game is set to be released on both the Steam platform and Mac App Store this August 11th, and as a bonus all levels from Edge Extended for iOS will be offered as free DLC for the Steam version.

Though similar in content to the iPhone edition, PC and Mac users will be able to enjoy the game on a higher resolution display and with improved graphical effects. No price has been announced yet, but the iOS version of Edge made it's debut in the App Store at a launch price of $4.99 (currently it retails at $2.99).

Mobigame's Edge was a finalist in three categories in the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile awards, and the developer was also briefly embroiled in a trademark infringement battle with Edge Games' Tim Langdell over the use of the Edge name.

Round-Up: Gamasutra Network Jobs, Week Of July 29

July 29, 2011 7:00 PM | Eric Caoili

In the latest postings over the last seven days, Gamasutra's jobs board plays host to roles in every major discipline, including opportunities at Rockstar North, Monolith Productions, Harmonix, and more.

Each position posted by employers will appear on the main Gamasutra job board, and appear in the site's daily and weekly newsletters, reaching our readers directly.

It will also be cross-posted for free across Gamasutra's network of submarket sites, which includes content sites focused on online worlds, cellphone games, 'serious games', independent games and more.

Some of the notable jobs posted this week include:

- Rockstar North: Character Skinning & Pipeline Artist:
"Rockstar North, one of the world's leading video game developers, is a community of creative individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We are based in Scotland out of modern, spacious, purpose-built studios at the heart of Edinburgh. We develop original game titles and are proud to be the developer of the phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar North has been part of the Rockstar family since 1999. We offer successful candidates a highly competitive salary, great working environment, and extensive benefits package."

- iWin: Tech Lead / Software Engineering Manager for Games:
"iWin, Inc is a leading online developer, publisher and distributor of casual games for the mass market. is one of the leading casual game portals, reaching millions of visitors every month from all over the world who love to play games together as part of the iWin community. Through our downloadable games, rich multiplayer games as well as our vast catalog of 100% free, full version downloadable games, iWin provides a multitude of exciting ways to relax and have fun, whether you have a couple minutes or hours."

Best of GameSetWatch: From Comic-Con To Hoarders

July 27, 2011 11:00 PM | Eric Caoili

[Every week GameSetWatch editor-in-chief Eric Caoili rounds up the latest news/media for obscure and offbeat games from's sister site and alternative video game blog.]

Over at our recently resdeigned alt video game blog GameSetWatch, we shared a number of fun stories during the past week, including Mister Raroo's always entertaining Comic-Con write-ups, an arcade collector featured on A&E's Hoarders TV show, a New York Times profile on Dwarf Fortress's creators, and more.

GameSetWatch's highlights from the last week:

Comic-Con Time With the Raroos: 2011 Edition - GameSetWatch columnist Mister Raroo and his family offer daily reports on last week's San Diego Comic-Con International, chronicling highlights from the fan convention, hitting up the temporary "Sega Arcade", and sharing photos of their adventures.

Hoarders Spotlights Arcade Collector - "Randy's boardwalk memorabilia collection fills a 20,000 square foot building and numerous tractor trailers. Room after room of pinball machines, signs, games, toys, tickets, and hundreds of mannequins modeled after Randy himself. He's spent millions on his fantasy world known as Randyland -- but it's never been open to the public. Now he must figure out how to make money from his hoard or go broke and lose everything."

Hard Lines on iPhone Free Today

July 27, 2011 3:00 PM | Michael Rose


Remember Hard Lines from last month? The Snake/Tron line cutting game is a total of zero [enter your currency here] today, as it is the developer's birthday! Why don't more developers give away games on their birthdays? This is an idea I would like to see spread far and wide.

If you need a remind about what the game has going for it, you can read my impressions here. In a nutshell, it has tons of content, lots of personality, and is simply one of those addictive little titles that will make commutes fly by. If you have an iDevice, you should make sure to grab this today.

Preview: Ridiculous Fishing (Vlambeer, Zach Gage and Greg Wohlwend)

July 22, 2011 12:13 AM | Michael Rose

ridiculous_fishing_1.jpgPerhaps you remember Radical Fishing from late last year. Catching fish is a lot of fun, especially when you do it Vlambeer style. The Super Crate Box devs have now joined forces with awesome indies Zach Gage and Greg Wohlwend to create an iPhone version of Radical Fishing.

Ridiculous Fishing is a completely new game built from the ground up, taking the original formula and slapping a whole new art style on it which is so obviously Greg's handiwork - it looks flipping brilliant. The game is set to have all new gameplay mechanics, new weapons, new locations, upgrades, fishies, treasures, everything really. Apparently there will also be fish wearing hats too.

One to put on zee radar! Jump below the cut to see more screenshots of the game in action.

Trailer: Gesundheit! (Matt Hamill)

July 20, 2011 1:00 AM | Tim W.

Remember that cutesy AGS game that we posted about four years ago? You can finally purchase the iOS version of Gesundheit next week, thanks to a collaboration between the developer Matt Hamill and Revolutionary Concepts. The new game will be published by Konami, and it's going to cost ninety-nine cents ($1.99 on the iPad) to purchase from the App Store.

Gesundheit iOS features forty levels to play through, up from the original twelve stages included in the AGS build. The game is about a rather sneezy protagonist who has to save a city from snot-eating monsters, using his nasal discharge to lead enemies toward underground beasts with teeth shaped like a bear trap.

Matt Hammill's game was also a Student Showcase finalist in the IGF 2008 competition. Sadly enough, the AGS game download doesn't seem to be available anymore for obvious reasons (although you might still be able to find a copy archived somewhere).

[via Slide To Play]

iPhone Game Pick: Electro Chuck (App Solution)

July 14, 2011 9:00 AM | Michael Rose

Remember those games where you had to hold a stick with a metal loop on the end, and then move it so that a winding metal wire moved through it without touching it, else you were treated to an electric shock noise? I have no idea what the official name of those things was, but Electro Chuck is an iPhone take on the concept.

You are Electro Chuck, a fish-like creature with a hole through his body. By tilting your iPhone, you need to make sure the electric wire stays right in the middle of his body and doesn't touch him. Along the way there are enemies riding along the wire and special bonuses to grab over a series of 40 levels.

The team says that they are planning on adding more modes and levels very soon, so it's a bit of a bargain at $0.99. Check it out in the App Store.

iPhone Game Pick: Cave Dweller (Joseph Gentry)

July 12, 2011 3:00 AM | Tim W.

Cave Dweller: Dy-No-Mite! is an unassuming little puzzle game that plays like a unique variation of Boulderdash - you control a miner trapped in a series of caves, trying to collect enough bombs to blow up the obstruction blocking your exit. Every time you walk under a block, the grey slab of stone will fall downwards and block the path you just used. These stones cannot be destroyed by any means, and if you find yourself in an unwinnable situation the only thing that you can do is to reset the level and try again.

Medals are also awarded to players who solve a level using the least number of moves, with a gold medal given to only the most efficient miners in the business. You can also share custom-created maps with your friends via OpenFeint, and the auto-solver algorithm ensures that there will never be an unbeatable puzzle distributed to other players.

Note that there's just twenty-levels to play through in Cave Dweller: Dy-No-Mite! (the 10-map DLC pack costs an extra dollar), and you can't sample the game in any way because the developer had not put out a lite version for iOS device owners to try out. Hopefully this will change in the coming weeks, because Cave Dweller deserves a look at even if it's a bit on the short side.

Game Developer Debuts Free 2011 Game Career Guide Issue

July 11, 2011 8:41 PM | Eric Caoili

For the fourth year running, Game Developer magazine's annual Game Career Guide issue -- which aims to help students and aspiring developers secure a job in the game industry -- will be given away for free.

This special issue is now available in digital form for free, and includes over 100 pages of content targeted at those interested in sinking their teeth into game development.

This year's Game Career Guide builds upon the success of the 2010 issue, which saw more than 300,000 online page views from more than 37,000 people, and was physically distributed to over 30,000 people worldwide at major video game consumer and trade shows, including Penny Arcade Expo, GDC, and more.

The 2011 Game Career Guide includes a helpful tutorial on how to make a basic 3D game in Unity, and provides a detailed breakdown of the essentials of pixel animation. Also included is a feature on AI pathfinding, with diagrams and examples that should help beginners wrap their heads around the basics.

In addition, the Game Career Guide issue will provide a version of Game Developer's handy salary survey, which offers a comprehensive breakdown of entry level jobs in professional and indie game development.

Android Game Pick: Pax Britannica (No Fun Games)

July 1, 2011 10:00 AM | Michael Rose


Recognise the name? Pax Britannica was an awesome Gamma IV entry early last year, that allowed four players to lay into each other in spaaaaaaace, with the simple press of a single button each. Depending on how long you hold your button down, the more badass the ship that comes shooting out of your main behemoth.

Now the game has come to Android, and it's free. Free! I know, bloody brilliant. It seems like, for now, you can only play one or two player, but it's still a great little thing to play around with. Holding your side of the screen will activate the needle on your ship, and the longer you hold it down, the better the ship that comes out to help your cause.

Beating the AI is pretty difficult - it took me a good five or six goes - but it's definitely worth a download. Here at the Android Marketplace for your pleasure.

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